Privacy Policy Crime Thriller Drama "Suspect" with Sam Heughan premieres June 19 on Channel 4!

Crime Thriller Drama “Suspect” with Sam Heughan premieres June 19 on Channel 4!

New project coming up for Sam Heughan: Suspect, new crime thriller drama starring James Nesbitt!

Recently announced by the network Channel 4, James Nesbitt, Richard E Grant, and Joely Richardson will star in a new crime thriller drama entitled Suspect – alongside them, the cast also includes Outlander star Sam HeughanBridgerton star Ben Miller and Shameless star Anne-Marie Duff.

It will premiere on Sunday, June 19, 2022 on Channel 4 with a double billboard, then air two episodes each night for the next week.

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The drama, which will be made of 8 episodes and has a working title of Suspect, is an adaptation of a Danish series.

It follows veteran detective Danny Frater (James Nesbitt), who turns up at a hospital mortuary for what he thinks is a routine ID check on a young woman’s body, and gets a devastating shock when the corpse turns out to be his estranged daughter.

The post-mortem report finds that Christina (Imogen King) has taken her own life. Danny refuses to accept this and sets out on a mission for the truth. He retraces her last days and hours, to discover what really happened to his only child.

He meets those closes to her, her partner, Nicola (Niamh Algar), her best friend, Maia (Antonia Thomas), her business partner, Jaisal (Sacha Dhawan), her godfather, Ryan (Sam Heughan), her mentor, Harry (Richard E. Grant) and finally her mother, Susannah (Anne-Marie Duff), who is Danny’s ex-wife.

Sam Heughan as Ryan in Suspect – Credit: Channel 4
What is Ryan’s relationship to Danny?

They are former partners in the police force who worked very closely together and became very good friends, to the extent that he was the godfather to Christina (Imogen King). Ryan supported Danny (James Nesbitt) when he got into trouble so they’ve always had each other’s backs, but you get the feeling that Ryan’s gone down this dark path after spending too much time out on the streets and getting mixed up with the wrong people. When they meet in the gym, Danny knows Ryan’s not telling the truth.

Does Ryan have his own family?

We do hear about a partner but it seems like they split up after quite a tempestuous relationship because Ryan’s not an easy guy to live with. He seems like a bit of a loner. He’s got anger issues, a lot of pent-up aggression and he’s quite unstable – the kind of character I hadn’t played before.

What does the two-hander bring out in you?

The script is so strong, and there are three scenes in the whole episode: one in the gym, one in the changing room, one in the car. They’re really long scenes, extended takes and they wanted to shoot them differently. They’re very intimate, very intense and while that’s slightly scary, it’s also really appealing, jumping feet first into something. It felt like a piece of theatre where you’re in this long take and you really don’t really know where it’s going to go. We had a really good time.

Was it as intense to make as it is to watch?

It was very intense, especially because ours was the first episode to be shot. We had a day of rehearsal in the gym, which helped because it was an MMA gym when I had thought it was more of a weightlifting gym. We could incorporate a bit of bag work, boxing and Muay Thai in there, which was great because I did some Muay Thai training in Thailand years ago. I enjoyed that breathlessness because Ryan is a high-energy, on the edge guy. You could really feel the sweat, which lent a lot to the scene.

How did you enjoy working with James Nesbitt?

He’s great fun, but he also brings such a level of intensity and heartache. You don’t know if Danny is a sane man or whether it’s all in his head. You’re really questioning every character as a viewer, and Ryan knows he’s been caught out by Danny, so he’s having to think very fast. It was a thrill to work on all that with him.

Does Ryan think Christina has taken her own life?

Well, he’s got his own secrets and probably knows more about the situation than he’s letting on. I think he feels responsible in some way, because he was supposed to be looking out for Christina and they were very close. But all the characters have guilt somewhere.

Did you give Ryan a backstory?

I think you have to. He’s such a shady character, so surrounded by lies, that sometimes I think he believes some of them himself. But deep down, he’s not a bad guy. He cares for Danny and still considers him a friend, but he’s just lost his way completely. Desperate, is the word.

What was the highlight of the shoot for you?

To be alongside those other great actors was an honour, but my favourite part was filming in the car. We were driving up a motorway and had to turn off because of an accident, so we were suddenly stuck on these minor roads doing a long, seven-minute take. We managed to hit every light as we went through, which was really exciting.

What do you think viewers will get out of the series?

I think they’ll definitely get caught up in it. Each episode is only 30 minutes long, but there’s so much going on. You could watch the episodes multiple times and get more out of each one every time.

The show has been written and adapted by Before We Die’s Matt Baker and will be directed by Dries Vos.

“I could relate to Danny, with his flaws, vulnerabilities and the devastating situation he faces, from the very first moment I picked up the script. Each episode of Suspect is an intensely theatrical double-hander, a psychological battle of wits between Danny and another character who may know something about his daughter’s untimely death, and I really can’t wait to lock horns with my fellow cast members and to lead this incredible array of acting talent.”

James Nesbitt

What do you think of this new project for Sam Heughan, the crime thriller series Suspect starring James Nesbitt?

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