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Chicago Med Season 7: Preview on Episode 4 – VIDEO

On the night of Wednesday, October 13, on the US network NBC, Episode 4 of Chicago Med Season 7, entitled Status Quo, aka The Mess, will be airing. On which new mission will our doctors embark? Let’s see together some preview!

Chicago Med Season 7 Official Poster – Credit: NBC

Chicago Med Season 7 x04, Status Quo, aka The Mess: Synopsis!

NBC officially released a first logline that teases what’s going to happen in   Status Quo, aka The Mess! Let’s see what’s awaiting us in Chicago.

Charles helps Dylan with a longtime patient who was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. Stevie, Maggie and Vanessa investigate the legitimacy of a patient’s cancer diagnosis. Crockett is caught off-guard. Will pitches a new medical technology.

Official synopsis for Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 4

Promotional pictures!

NBC has released some promotional pictures for Chicago Med Season 7 x04! Let’s see them together!

Promo of the episode Quo aka The Mess Were In

What do you think about this first preview on Chicago Med Season 7 x04? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!

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Source: Spoiler TV

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