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Chicago Fire 10: Will Donna come back?

Boden and Donna: we want to discover and see more!

How many times have you seen the Stellaride or Brettsey couples for about 3/4 of the episode? Lots! (Not that we fans mind it, absolutely). On the other hand, how few times have you seen Donna and Boden together for a long time on the screen? We look forward to Donna’ return in the Chicago Fire universe!

Unfortunately, we hardly see them!

Actually, we only saw Donna’s full participation during the second season. On the contrary, during the ninth season we only had the chance to see her once and, in this tenth season, she has never appeared yet! What could be the reason for this mysterious ‘absence’? Are the registers making us wait, and then surprise us? Let’s hope!

All the fans are wondering: Could we see Donna more often in Chicago Fire?

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Unfortunately, NBC hasn’t confirmed anything at the moment, but we are always hopeful! In fact, they never even confirmed Donna’s absence in the upcoming season of Chicago Fire.

So, we all are wondering: when do we expect the Donna’ return, in this 10th season of Chicago Fire?

Having seen her very few times in the last episodes (and never in this tenth season, as we reiterate), we hope she will come back in the middle of the season. In fact, Boden will hold a more important position than he was in until now. What better support than that one of the wife? For that reason, we believe she will have a major impact on the new role Boden finds herself in!

We are pretty sure we will see her again very soon! We are actually waiting for her return!

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Photo from the episode “Real Never Waits”


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