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Chicago Fire, Med and PD honored as one of the greatest fandoms of 2021

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We’ve always known the Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD fans were among the best around, but this year the One Chicago franchise is finally getting its well-deserved recognition in being named one of the Top 100 greatest fandoms of 2021!

For the last five years, FanSided has curated an annual list of the greatest fandoms in sports and entertainment as a celebration of fan culture and the year’s most passionate and dedicated fandoms.

While the list has included some incredible fandoms over the years including countless television show fandoms,. The One Chicago franchise has found itself on the outside looking in over the past few years. However, that all changed this year as One Chicago fans were recognized as one of the top fandoms of 2021!

Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD greatest fans celebrated

On Dec. 7, FanSided rolled out its annual Fandoms of the Year list designed to celebrate the shows, movies, sports and everything in between which made us want to stand up and cheer in 2021. It’s another diverse group of fandoms, but there is no fandom whose presence has delighted us more than One Chicago. Which cracked the list for the first time this year!

It’s only fitting that One Chicago finally is recognized as one of the top fandoms around as we cannot think of a more passionate, engaging and invested fandom.

As One Chicago Center’s own Danilo Castro best summed up the One Chicago fandom, “To be part of the One Chicago fanbase is to be part of a family that is ready to tackle any challenge. And just like the various teams that make up each show, we will do it all together.”

2021 has been quite an interesting year for the franchise with milestones celebrated and casting shakeups across the franchise

However, through it all, the fans and their love for the franchise has been unwavering

To have one successful series is in today’s broadcast landscape is impressive. But to have a trilogy of shows which continue to rank as the most-watched programs of their night. Aand on their network is an incredible feat that is only made possible because of the loyal fans who tune in week after week.

One Chicago has always been more than a franchise to us. It’s a fandom we’re incredibly proud to be a part of and we can’t think of a fandom more deserving to be honored as one of the Top 100 Fandoms in all of sports and entertainment!

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