Privacy Policy Diana Gabaldon describes Outlander Season 6 premiere as "spectacular"

Diana Gabaldon describes Outlander Season 6 premiere as “spectacular”

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Outlander Season 6 will not premiere until March 6, 2022, but Diana Gabaldon, the author of the books the television show is grounded on, is formally giving the first episode her stamp of blessing.

outlander season 6
Outlander Season 6 CR: Robert Wilson/Starz

During a discussion about her new book Go Tells the Bees That I Am Gone, which came out in late November, Diana Gabaldon previewed the season six premiere.

“The first episode is absolutely spectacular. It’s wonderful. They’re all good. As a matter of fact, this is the first season where I have not had a single episode that I found less likable. They always do a good job; it’s just which direction they’ve chosen to head in. Anyway, the season is extremely good throughout.”

Diana Gabaldon on Outlander Season 6

At first, Gabaldon’s description of the season was a bit vague: “A number of things happen.” But also she added that several occurrences concentrate in on specific characters.

“A couple for instance, are focused heavily toward young Ian and his life with the Mohawk and what happened there. Whereas, others are more closely focused on Jamie and Claire. And there’s quite a bit on Roger and Brianna and Fergus and Marsali. There’s quite a lot of stuff for six episodes, but they’ve handled it beautifully.”

Diana Gabaldon

As previously mentioned, Diana Gabaldon has seen the entire season and she says it is the “best one yet”.

As for her favorite moments, the author shared. “One is set in flashbacks at Ardsmuir Prison and it has to do with Jamie and Tom Christie. Another is with Tom Christie and Claire in her surgery.”

This particular part, according Gabaldon, “without being specific about it, the show has been very faithful to the book, I’d say,” 

In a recent interview with The Dipp, when asked whether Season 6 will finish off the storyline from book 6, A Breath of Snow And Ashes, Diana replied. “I can probably tell you that they’re not being hard and fast with, ‘This season is this book and this season is this book’. They will take elements from an adjoining book when that serves their purposes”.

Gabaldon originally wrote a script for season six, but that was before the season was cut short, in large part due to Covid-19, but also because of Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy.

“I did in fact, write a script for season six, but that was before they decided to truncate season six and move the last four episodes into season seven. We’re going to stop the season after the sixth episode, which believe me, is a really exciting place to stop it. And then we’ll just show those four extra episodes into season seven, which will then be 16 episodes, mirroring the first season, which also had 16.”

Diana Gabaldon

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Source: The Dipp / Town and Country Magazine

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