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This Is Us Season 6: Where Is Miguel in the Flash-Forward?

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This Is Us Season 6 continues to peel back layers of the Pearson family’s story through the decades, and most recently in the episode, “One Giant Leap,” the show revisited the recurring flash-forward sequence in which matriarch Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is on her apparent death bed – But where is Miguel?

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2 of This Is Us, “One Giant Leap.”]

This Is Us Season 6 Jon Huertas as Miguel

Set at the dream house that Kevin (Justin Hartley) promised to have built, in honor of his father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and for his mother, the flash-forward has revealed several of the family members and their arrivals. There are a couple of missing pieces in the sequence though. We’ve addressed Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) absence before, but the absence that was particularly obvious in this recent episode was Rebecca’s current husband Miguel (Jon Huertas).

Where is Miguel amid her declining health in the future of This Is Us Season 6? We’re taking a look at three different options.

Miguel Is Dead

A sad possibility is that Miguel doesn’t survive to sit by Rebecca’s death bed. Forcing her to go through the loss of a second husband in the throes of Alzheimer’s. It’s certainly a scenario that we’d prefer would remain a theory as bidding Miguel farewell before Rebecca’s goodbye sounds too emotional for us to bear.

Miguel Isn’t With Rebecca Anymore

In an uncharacteristic possibility, Miguel may have split up with Rebecca, leaving him out of the loop. But even if that was a reality in this flash-forward sequence, it wouldn’t make sense to leave him out of the mix, especially when Toby (Chris Sullivan) who is no longer married to Kate is included in the gathering.

He Just Hasn’t Been Shown in the Flash Forward Yet

There is a chance that Miguel just hasn’t been shown off in the flash-forward sequence yet, but then again, the seat at Rebeca’s bedside was filled already by her late husband Jack’s brother, Nicky (Griffin Dunne). The spot would undoubtedly belong to Miguel if he was present in the flash-forward, right? Or maybe he’s just sitting in another room we have yet to explore in the Pearson family home.

Speaking in a new interview with TV Insider, Jon Huertas himself had the following to say when asked about resolution for his character: “I don’t even know if I know a hundred percent where Miguel is, but you’ll have to just wait and see.”

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