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Outlander: Who Will Play Adult William Ransom?

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Just a few months more and Droughtlander will finally come to its end with the premiere of Outlander Season 6 on March 6, 2022! Fan curiosity goes much further, however: who will play Jamie Fraser’s young illegitimate son, William Ransom?

The last time we had the chance to see the very young Ninth Earl of Elsmere, William Ransom, also known to Outlander fans as Jamie Fraser’s illegitimate son, was visiting with his adoptive father Lord John Grey at Fraser’s Ridge during their journey to their estate in Virginia. Despite his young age, the boy showed a pretty good temper, worthy of the title he holds… and of his natural father. However, what nags Outlander fans the most is when and what young William Ransom will look like when we see him again as a young adult!

As readers of Diana Gabaldon’s literary saga will know, William Ransom reappears on the scene at the end of the sixth book “A Breath Of Snow And Ashes” as a young soldier of the British militia ready to take the field and fight the American War of Independence. The young man will have a close encounter with his sister Brianna Fraser MacKenzie who is in Wilmington to attend the execution of Stephen Bonnet, and she is struck by the enormous resemblance between the boy and her father Jamie Fraser.

Here are some fancastings on who will play young William Ransom in Outlander!

Christopher Mason

Ben Hardy

Alex Roe

Toby Regbo

Glenn McCuen

Max Lloyd Jones

Finn Jones

Alexander Ludwig

Daniel Sharman

George Mackay

Jacob Collins Levy

What do you think about these options? Do you have any suggestions that you think are more appropriate for the role?

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  1. cjs says:

    I think the only actor who ACTUALLY meets all the attributes of the character of William Ransom is Young 18 year old English Actor William Franklyn Miller.

    He is the right age (18/19)
    He is the right height (6’3″)
    He has the right hair color (brown)
    He has the right eyes (blue and slightly slanted)
    He has the right accent (deep somewhat posh English accent)
    He has acting credits (Medici, Arrow and others)
    He has strong facial features
    He has the right build (tall, lean but muscular)

    Check him out and see what you think…

  2. Jenursa says:

    Jedidiah Goodacre is my vote!

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