Privacy Policy This Is Us: Chris Sullivan To Headline ABC Comedy Pilot The Son In Law! - UPDATE

This Is Us: Chris Sullivan To Headline ABC Comedy Pilot The Son In Law! – UPDATE

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This Is Us star Chris Sullivan has been tapped as the lead of ABC’s single-camera comedy pilot The Son in Law, from 20th Century Television. According to Deadline, comedy pilot The Son in Law is not looking very good and probably won’t go forward, or may be rolled to next season for redevelopment.

This Is Us: Chris Sullivan To Headline ABC Comedy Pilot The Son In Law!


Single-camera comedy The Son In Law is written and executive produced by Ajay Sahgal and executive produced by Jake Kasdan and Melvin Mar. A salt-of-the-earth man, Jake (Sullivan), finds himself seeking the approval of his new fiancée Asha’s sophisticated parents. Even as he is a difficult-to-impress father-in-law to his daughter’s longtime boyfriend.

Sullivan’s Jake, divorced, with a 21-year-old daughter, never thought he would love again, until Asha came along. The problem is that Jake, a hard-working plumbing contractor, is solidly middle class, while Asha hails from the equivalent of uber-wealthy South Asian royalty. Jake wants to marry Asha, and while he still needs to ask her father for his blessing, the real stumbling block is Asha’s loving but controlling mother, who doesn’t hide her feelings about Jake being all wrong for her daughter.

As is always the case with a hugely popular broadcast series coming to an end, the cast of NBC’s This Is Us has been in demand this development cycle.

Chris Sullivan is the second actor to sign on for a pilot. He joins Milo Ventimiglia, who headlines ABC drama The Company You Keep, a project he’d developed through his company DiVide Pictures. Both The Son in Law and The Company You Keep come from This Is Us studio 20th Television, which is an ABC corporate sibling.

ABC also went after another This Is Us star for the lead in a pilot, but things did not work out in that case. Meanwhile, Justin Hartley is attached to CBS’ The Never Game, which has a pilot production commitment and remains in consideration for the off-cycle after scheduling issues ruled it out of regular pilot season, while Mandy Moore is next going on a concert tour that had been delayed by the pandemic.

Meera Simhan is set as a lead opposite Reema Sampat and Chris Sullivan in ‘The Son in Law

Simhan will play Khushi Mehta, Asha’s mother, a high-strung, self-involved philanthropist who hails from extreme wealth and whose husband, Om, is the current conductor of the New York Philharmonic. Khushi is an attractive charmer who knows absolutely every bigwig who counts on the Manhattan social scale and who frequently hosts lavish soirees at her 18,000-square-foot 5th Avenue penthouse. Even though her own parents initially disapproved of Om as being not of her class, Khushi doesn’t apply her own past history to her daughter.

She thoroughly disapproves of Jake, who is older than Asha and a plumber. To say that Khushi is controlling would be a bit of an understatement. So when she learns that Asha and Jake are planning to get married, she doesn’t bother to hide her feelings. She might be acting out of love for Asha, but her high-handed ways can grate on Jake’s last nerves, to say the least.

Robert Bailey Jr. (Emergence) has been cast as a series regular

Bailey plays Benjamin Green. He’s an EMT, a thoroughly nice guy. Benjamin is deeply in love with Jake’s daughter Charlie (Young), but he craves Jake’s approval and understandably is nervous about the way Jake will react to Charlie’s pregnancy and her plans to drop the idea of law school. Although Jake isn’t happy about the situation, he soon realizes that Benjamin’s intentions are honorable and sincere, though he’s not happy about becoming a grandpa when he’s getting ready to marry the much-younger Asha.

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Source: Deadline

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