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This Is Us Season 6: Blake Stadnik Breaks Down His Journey As Jack Damon – VIDEO INTERVIEW

Despite we haven’t seen much of Jack Damon’s future on This Is Us, and we don’t know if we’ll see him again as actor Blake Stadnik also underlines, I dare anyone not to empathise with his optimism and his big heart. “Even though you know when we first meet or meet him, he’s hungover because he can’t write a good song.” says he. “He’s not going to stop, and he’s always going to continue following his dreams, and I think that’s a quality.”

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Justin Hartley to lead “The Never Game” on CBS!

This is Us is coming to its series finale, airing in May, and among the cast there’s already who’s thinking about the future. The actor who plays Kevin Pearson has already chosen his next project. Justin Hartley will be protagonist of the new series The Never Game, TV adaptation of the 2019 novel by Jeffrey Deaver, premiering on CBS in the 2022/2023 TV season. The series chosen from CBS is produced by 20th Television with Justin Hartley and Ken Olin, one of This is us’ directors and producers, through his companies, ChengUp Productions and Afterportsmiuth Productions.