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TheFosters. Season 4A. When the situation gets out of hand … Desy’s Review

The main storylines of the first part of the fourth season of The Fosters are certainly those of Mariana and Callie, in addition to that of mothers, and it does not surprise me that the protagonists of the new spin-off of the TV series, Good Trouble are their own .

Certainly the main storyline and one that has most fascinated me is that of Mariana who, right from the first episodes, keeps us in suspense. The situation and the triangle between the girl, Matt and Nick is really delicate like the stability of Nick who feels betrayed by all points of view by his girlfriend and most probably also used for having given them the warehouse of his father for their theater show. This is not true because the show was first of all Brandon who was screwed again. The first of many the first half of the fourth season of The Fosters.

Immediately Nick’s situation appears delicate because he is sought after for the fire he had made of the department store. Since he has his father’s pistol in his school, a blue alert is announced and everyone at Anchor Beach is terrified and barricaded in the classrooms. The alternate storyline, however, leaves something to be desired and is just a trick to take away the attention from Nick, who in the first two episodes behaves just like a fugitive, running away from school – with the expedient of the car lent to Jesus – and hiding Adams-Fosters home without the owners know it. Mariana is certainly the most affected in a situation of palpable tension in the whole family.

Precisely at the height of the Mariana affair to make the boy desist from harming himself, or to do it to her, he tells her to love him again and reassures him once again by telling him that they are still together. This act will come back to haunt her and haunt her for the rest of the plot of the first 10 episodes of the season, in which she is definitely out of control. Under pressure for the situation he does not know how to deal with Nick who continues to look for her from inside the prison, for his school duties and for a school project in which he is the head of a team, he starts taking Jesus’ ADHD pills and things get complicated. From stressed out of control, nervous and grumpy with everyone. Everything is getting out of hand.

Callie instead recounts once again with her past and with the story she had with Brandon as she always tries to escape. During his period of expulsion from school, for having defended himself too violently, from an injury, he met Aaron, a very young law student with whom he immediately felt good. They exchange a kiss, but she immediately makes it clear that she has a boyfriend, AJ. The boy entrusted to Mike his girlfriend with his project for the term paper which he calls “7 houses in 7 years”, the seven houses in which he lived in the seven years in which he was in the system. Go back to the houses you lived in and take pictures. He comes into contact with two of the former foster mothers and if he receives insults and anger in the house where he was raped, he receives love in the other house. Precisely in that house he runs into the next battle: trying to help one of his foster children in that house with her who was imprisoned for murder according to the facts unfairly. Victim of a corrupt system that used him as a scapegoat.

Callie contacted Aaron, who is a volunteer at a facility to legally protect foster children and get help in this cause. The boy who turned out to be transgender proves to be very sweet to her and for this more than once there is a clash between the two.

In addition to what for me are the main storylines, there are the more or less interesting ones of the other main characters. While the mothers struggle with their problems with the situation with Gabe, the biological father of Mariana and Jesus, first and with the economic problems of Lena’s father then the storylines of the children of the house are more frivolous or useless.

If I could have skipped all the parts about Brandon because yes, the situation with Courtney and Mason, her screaming and out of control son, has become quite boring. The whole situation is quite paradoxical, like the actions he takes to help her economically that will soon be turned against him.

Special mention for the couple Emma and Jesus: I like her a lot and Jesus well I think she has always been my favorite male character in The Fosters. Too bad that the recitation of Noah Hundredo does a little pain. Thank goodness that has improved with time! The storyline in which he tries to help Gabe is very sweet. He also took a nail in the head with a nail gun to help him. As always Emma is at his side, they are so sweet! Absolutely my favorite couple in the series, after Lena and Stef of course!

Another useless storyline is certainly that of Jude with the pastor’s son. His “marijuana and rebellion” phase is so ’90s that he doesn’t even seem to look at The Fosters. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all!

A lot of things happen in the mid-season finale, on all fronts. Stef is threatened by the Detective who has incarcerated the former foster brother of Callie because she is also investigating the case, Brandon was taken to Julliard but cannot attend for a crime he committed and Callie is in serious trouble because while he is was taken into the car with a gimmick by the nephew of the murdered woman four years before he discovers from Aaron that the murder weapon is the DNA of a relative of the victim.

Mariana, in addition to all that has happened and the imminent meeting with Nick who cannot delay and terrifies her, learns that Matt will go to college in Boston and the world collapses on him. She mixes beer with pills and ends up in a confused state that makes her become paranoid. “See” Nick is shocked and calls the twin and then escapes into the unknown. The latter will find it that in the meantime has escaped from house arrest to look for it. He also manages to calm her down in the end but when Jesus arrives, the latter attacks Nick and when he is hit, he loses consciousness.

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