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Filming began for Text for you, starring Sam Heughan!

Some behind-the-scenes pictures posted by Sam Heughan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and more actors of the movie Text For You announce the official start of filming!

Announced last october as protagonists of the romantic drama Text For You, Sam Heughan (Outlander) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Quantico) officially started filming last week in the UK.

In addiction, Russel Tovey (Looking, Quantico), Sofia Barclay (Defending The Guilty), Lydia West (Dracula), Celia Imrie (Patrick Melrose), Omid Djalili (His Dark Materials), Arinzé Kene (The Pass) and Steve Oram (End of The F***ing World) have recently joined the cast.

As evidence of the production start, some pictures posted by actors on social networks, including Sam Heughan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Russell Tovey and Lydia West!

As repoted by Deadline, Text for You is about a woman who, to ease the pain after tragically losing her fiancé, starts to send romantic texts to his old cell. It turns out, the phone number has been reassigned to a man across town suffering from similar heartbreak. The two meet and feel an undeniable connection, but can’t seem to leave the past behind. In this English language remake, the music and influence of Dion gives them the courage to take a chance on love again.

The movie is directed by Jim Strouse, who also wrote the screenplay with Lauryn Kahn, inspired by the 2016 German-language box office hit SMS Fur Dich, which is based on Sofie Cramer’s popular novel.

Thunder Road’s (A Star is BornJohn Wick) Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, and Esther Hornstein are producing the film.

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