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Riverdale 5×01 Climax: review

WELCOME BACK! Riverdale is finally back with episode 5×01, titled “Climax”. Let’s start now with the review!

Riverdale 5x01

Episode 5×01 of Riverdale, as we know, picks up exactly where we left the characters from last season.
There are still all those mysterious and disturbing videotapes, our guys are about to finish high school and everything is ready for prom!
Jug and Betty, with the help of their half-brother Charles, continue the investigation of the videos to try to find out who the author is. We see the comeback of a character, Brett, who gives them some clue to which, unfortunately, the couple can not get in time.

Meanwhile, Archie must try to convince the Naval Academy Commander to let him in, but the place is contested with another would-be cadet. The latter is K.O. Kelly, boyfriend of Katy Keene, one of Veronica’s friends left in New York. What better way to choose the most suitable candidate than with a boxing match? I hope you catch the irony… Unfortunately, Archie loses the match, so he will have to decide what to do with his life after graduation (if he can pass it).


Prom brings with it so many emotions – although most are negative, especially for couples.
Let’s start with Toni and Cheryl, whose relationship is in danger. Cheryl learns that the reason Toni never introduced her to her grandparents is not because she was a girl, but because she is a Blossom. Although Cheryl is sympathetic to Toni, the feeling she has (and I had too) is that this may be the beginning of the end of their relationship. The only consolation is that they’ve been elected prom queens!

Riverdale 5x01 | Cheryl & Toni Prom Queens - YouTube

Another explosive couple – literally – is that of Archie and Veronica.
The wise Archie decides to reveal to Veronica the betrayal with Betty in the middle of Prom. He could not have chosen a worse time! Timing is definitely not his strong suit.
Although Veronica is not one of my favorite characters in the series (but I still kinda like her), I hate the way she was treated. She was cheated on by Archie despite everything she’s done for him. She’s always been there for him, she’s always supported and helped him and that’s his way to thank her? She was even considering giving up a year of college to be beside him. Veronica would do anything for Archie, and she always has.
Not to mention the fact that it was a double treason, since Betty is involved too, who is her best friend!

Speaking of Betty, I was very disappointed by this betrayal. I think Jughead’s gonna find out what happened from someone else, and that’s gonna hurt him even more.
We already know, however, that things will not end well for any of the couples. We will see in the next two episodes what will happen before the time jump!

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