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Dawson’s Creek: Is the iconic theme song coming back on Netflix?

dawson's creek cast

Dawson’s Creek is back on Netflix to be loved by new generations but with a different theme song

dawson's creek cast
Dawson’s Creek original cast (Image via WB)

The TV series Dawson’s Creek, a symbol of adolescence in the 90s, is back streaming on the Netflix platform, to be watched and loved by younger viewers and nostalgic ones. The latter will have immediately noticed, with regret, that the theme song is not the same one we’re used to, namely I Don’t Want To Wait by Paula Cole.

Replacing the iconic theme song is Run Like Mad by Jann Arden, which was actually created for Dawson’s Creek. The most attentive fans will remember that here in Italy the song was used when season one was airing. But then it was replaced by the song we all remember. In addition, Run Like Mad was used to promote the show so, after the replacement, it was not entirely abandoned.

Why was Dawson’s Creek iconic theme song I Don’t Want To Wait replaced on Netflix?

joey dawson
Dawson and Joey on Dawson’s Creek (Image via WB)

Unfortunately, the rights to Paula Cole’s song I Don’t Want To Wait now belong to Sony. Netflix therefore cannot use them at will. This is because at the time of the show’s airing it was not thought that Dawson’s Creek could have so much success as to be repeated twenty years later and therefore the rights have now lapsed, since the agreement provided for a transfer of rights for only five years.

Here’s explained the reason why Run Like Mad by Jann Arden, created only for the show, was used like a theme song on Netflix, and so who owns the rights to Dawson’s Creek, also owns the rights to the song.

Is I Don’t Want to Wait about to be back at its place as Dawson’s Creek theme song on Netflix?

dawson's creek cast reunion
The cast of Dawson’s Creek in the very anticipated reunion organized by Entertainment Weekly.

However, it seems that nostalgic fans don’t have to wait long to hear the original theme song of Dawson’s Creek back. According to our sources, Sony made a deal with artist Paula Cole to restore I Don’t Want To Wait as the theme song for Dawson’s Creek on all streaming platforms, including Netflix. Cole would record a new master of the iconic signature and negotiated a contract for streaming use.

How much do we have to wait to hear I Don’t Want to Wait by Paula Cole back on Dawson’s Creek?

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Source: Slashfilm

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