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Prime Video: Solos, a niche TV series!


On June 25, the anthological TV series Solos will be made available worldwide on Prime Video. We at Survived the Shows had the chance to watch it on preview.

hellen mirren
Helen Mirren on Prime Video’s Solos (Credit: Prime Video)

Solos is a TV series, which is made of 7 episodes, 25 minutes long each, with a protagonist for each episode, apart from the last one which has two. It has a stellar cast from Anne Hathaway, to Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. Let’s say that the show has invested particularly in the big names by focusing almost exclusively on this: a cast capable of holding an entire episode on their shoulders, that makes you really believe that what it says matters and that the story it tells is believable.

anne hathaway
Anne Hathaway on Prime Video’s Solos (Credit: Prime Video)

Certainly Solos is not a TV series for everyone but they are for true cinephiles. The show is based on introspection, often the protagonists find themselves talking to themselves, and not metaphorically, or with an electronic device. There are rarely extras who hear themselves on the phone and act only as an external element. Solos becomes a mirror of the human soul and explores it to the full.

Are you curious about this new Prime Video TV series, Solos? What do you think?

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