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One Chicago: 7 Most Shocking Deaths!

Chicago Fire, Med and PD begin filming new seasons this week

Over the course of its cumulative 20+ seasons, the One Chicago franchise shows of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD have seen their fair share of cast departures. While some characters simply walked away from the job with the door open, others weren’t quite as lucky in meeting a more grim fate with brutal deaths.

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Which character deaths hit us hardest and left us ugly crying as we attempted to process things in the moment? Let’s take a look at the seven most heartbreaking One Chicago character deaths so far!


Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Olinsky (Elias Koteas) met an untimely demise at the end of Chicago PD season 9 when he was stabbed multiple times in prison. After being raced to the hospital for emergency treatment, the attack would prove fatal leading to his shocking death.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: Right up until the end, Olinsky refused to turn his back on Voight (Jason Beghe). Even though he landed him behind bars, Olinsky never once waivered in his commitment to protecting his friend. It eventually led to him paying the ultimate price.

What made his death so heartbreaking is that we never really had the chance to bid Olinsky a proper goodbye. With his death coming out of nowhere and rocking us to our core. Sure we had said goodbye to other characters on the show before. But not even those moments could prepare us for having to say goodbye to Olinsky when and how we did.

Leslie Shay

Chicago Fire - One Chicago

While responding to a call, the firefighters and paramedics of 51 found themselves trapped within a collapsed following an explosion. After watching the building collapse before our eyes, our hearts were quickly broken when Severide (Taylor Kinney) stumbled upon Dawson (Monica Raymund) frantically working to revive an injured Shay (Lauren German).

Despite the best efforts of both of her long-time friends, it was too late. Shay had died as the result of the injuries she sustained during the explosion and corresponding building collapse.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: Although there was concern that not everyone would make it out of the explosion, nothing prepared us for the death of Shay. Her death not only shook everyone in 51, but it left us absolutely speechless and devastated.

Benny Severide

Chicago Fire

In an unexpected and shocking twist, it was revealed that Benny (Treat Williams) suffered a stroke in season 7’s “All The Proof.” He was taken to Chicago Med for treatment, but unfortunately, he passed away just before Severide was able to say goodbye.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: There is no denying that Benny was a complicated character and wasn’t exactly father of the year; however, there’s also no denying that he loved Severide and tried to do right by his son. As evident by his final act in helping oust Jerry Gorsch.

What made us most emotional, though, was the fact that Severide never got the chance to say goodbye to Benny. His last interaction was far from positive.


One Chicago

After a run-in with escaped serial killer Gregory Yates, Nadia (Stella Maeve) was abducted by the heinous criminal. As we would later discover, Yates brutally raped and murdered her before leaving her body for the CPD and Special Victims Unit to discover.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: Where do we even begin?! Nothing could have prepared us for the horrendous way in which Nadia’s life came to an end. The moment she first encountered Yates, we had a sinking feeling in our stomachs but when the reality finally we were an absolute puddle.

Nadia had come so far from her escort days. She was on the path to a bright future, studying to become an officer while working for the CPD. It left us absolutely gutted and her death to this day ranks the most heartbreaking in all of TV.

Ava Bekker

Chicago Med - One Chicago

After Connor (Colin Donnell) rejected her romantic advances, Ava (Norma Kuhling) quickly spiraled out of control in going down a path we never anticipated coming which culminated with Ava killing Connor’s dad, Cornelius. Once the truth came out, Ava attempted to make off into the night but her plan to flee was thwarted when Connor confronted her.

When Connor once again rejected her and refused to let her escape, Ava committed suicide by using a scalpel to cut her carotid artery.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: Given the way Ava’s time on Chicago Med came to an end, you might be slightly puzzled as to what about her death made us ugly cry. In simplest terms, the reason Ava’s death was so heartbreaking was due to the nature in which she left the show.

There were so many ways the writers could have chosen to write the character off the show if they felt she had reached the end of her journey. The plot twist which began in season 4 and concluded in the opening hour of season 5 felt like a true disservice to the character.


One Chicago

In the season 8 premiere, “Sacred Ground,” Chicago Fire picked up where the previous season had ended with 51 in danger while responding to a mattress factory fire. When the boiler exploded, the floor above it collapsed. It creates an intense moment that left the lives of each responding member of 51 up in the air.

When the dust settled, Cruz (Joe Minoso) discovered an unresponsive and massively burned Otis (Yuri Sardarov). Otis was rushed to the hospital where he eventually succumbs to his injuries, after an emotional goodbye with his long-time best friend, Cruz.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: As Chicago Fire has proven to us in the past, it’s not opposed to killing off beloved members of the cast to show the great lengths first responders go to every day to save the lives they vow to serve and protect. Still, nothing quite prepared us when the moment came to say goodbye to Otis, who had long been the heart of 51.

There wasn’t a dry eye in sight when Otis slipped away after Cruz’s emotional goodbye. Then when we discovered Otis’s last words to Cruz were  “Brother, I will be with you always,” there was no stopping the tears that followed.

Justin Voight

Josh Segarra - One Chicago

In an attempt to help a friend caught in a dangerous predicament, Justin (Josh Segarra) wound up in the crosshairs and ultimately paid the ultimate price.

Shortly after his friend was found murdered, Voight and Lindsay (Sophia Bush) discovered Justin in the trunk of a car in grave condition after being shot in the head. Justin was later taken to Med where he was put on life support, leaving his family to make the difficult decision to pull the plug and let him go.

Why it Made Us Ugly Cry: To be honest if Justin’s death had come earlier in the series it wouldn’t have been quite as shocking given he wasn’t exactly on the straight and narrow when we first met him. What made his death so heartbreaking was that it occurred just when Justin had managed to turn his life around and start a family of his own.

Just when it seemed Justin could put his past behind him and made serious progress in cleaning up his act, his life came to an end. Al while just trying to help his friend.

Which of these One Chicago deaths left you more speechless and heartbroken? Let us know in a comment!


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  1. Shirley Harshaw says:

    For me it was Otis. He was a big part of Fire and I knew him better than all the rest of the characters. When a fireman dies in a fire it’s devastating.

    1. For me was Ottis. His character as a fireman in Chicago Fire was very touching. I miss him too! I was touched that Cruz named his son Ottis❤️

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