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10 things you don’t know about ‘Haul Out the Holly’ star Wes Brown!

You may know American actor Wes Brown for starring on 911: Lone Star and in many Hallmark Christmas movies like this year’s Haul Out the Holly. But do you really know everything about her? Let’s see some things you don’t know about Brown.

Here’s some things you don’t know about Wes Brown!

  1. He was born in Texas, but was raised in Louisiana
  2. Worked as a model and actor while going to LSU
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  4. Spent the summer after his junior year in Los Angeles looking for acting work
  5. Returned to Los Angeles after graduation and worked in commercials
  6. Played NBA coach Pat Riley in 2006 feature film Glory Road

That’s not all…

6. His birth name is James Wesley Brown

7. He is currently in no confirmed relationship

8. His estimated net worth is 1 million Dollar

9. He owns an apartment in Los Angeles, California.

10. He was born on January 26, 1982

Did you know any of these fun facts about actor Wes Brown or not?

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