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10 things you don’t know about ‘Virgin River’ actress Alexandra Breckenridge!

You may know American actress Alexandra Breckenridge for playing Mel Monroe in the Netflix series Virgin River. But do you really know everything about her? Let’s see some things you don’t know about Breckenridge.

Here’s some things you don’t know about Alexandra Breckenridge!

1. She started acting as a teenager. Most of those roles involved movies that were made for teenagers

2. She’s also a voice over actress. She’s been a voice over actress for several years, with one of her most successful projects being the animated sitcom Family Guy.

3. She’s been a recurring actress on American Horror Story. She had a recurring role in the first season of the show and then came back to guest star in a completely different role during the third season.

4. She moved to Los Angeles when she was young, but she was born in Connecticut

5. She’s a photographer and has her own dark room in her apartment

That’s not all…

6. She has two kids. She and her husband, a professional guitarist, have a son and a daughter together.

7. Breckenridge has several tattoos on her body. They get covered by make-up for her on-screen projects but not during photoshoots.

8. She has an uncle in the entertainment industry, actor Michael Weatherly.

9. She was a competitive gymnast till the age of 10. “I wasn’t that great, but I loved it,” she said.

10. She didn’t think Virgin River would have this much success. “When I was offered the role of Mel in Virgin River, I thought it wasn’t edgy enough for Netflix and that no one would watch it. I was very, very wrong.”

Did you know any of these fun facts about actress Alexandra Breckenridge or not?

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