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2022 Midseason Finale Dates: full list!

While many networks are already setting their winter schedules, a few shows are about to say goodbye forever: here’s the 2022 midseason finale dates!

The first midseason finale (Quantum Leap) airs on Monday, November 7, and after that, the next ones we know of are an event for Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, November 10. As has happened in previous years, these fall finales should go through mid-to-late December. There are also some key season finale dates, such as Interview With the Vampire wrapping its first season and The Walking Dead ending its 11-season run on AMC. (Don’t worry: Multiple TWD spinoffs are coming.)

Check out the midseason finale dates we know below, and keep checking as we update as more are announced.

2022 Midseason Finale Dates: full list!

Monday, November 7

10:00 p.m.: Quantum Leap (NBC)

Thursday, November 10

8:00 p.m.: Station 19 (ABC)

9:00 p.m.: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Sunday, November 13

10:00 p.m.: Interview With the Vampire (Season 1 Finale)(AMC)

Tuesday, November 15

9:00 p.m.: La Brea (NBC)

Sunday, November 20

9:00 p.m.: The Walking Dead (Series Finale)(AMC)

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Source: TV Insider

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