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911: Lone Star: Natacha Karam Unpacks Marjan ‘s Complicated Victory

Marjan ’s return to Austin included a hell of a detour on Tuesday’s 911: Lone Star, which found the firefighter facing off against a familiar foe.

In an interview with TV Line and TV Insider, actress Natacha Karam breaks down Marjan ’s fight for her life on 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 9, the big Mouse twist and what the road ahead looks like for the hero known as Firefox.

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 Episode 9, “Road Kill.”]

911: Lone Star: Natacha Karam Unpacks Marjan ‘s Complicated Victory

I thought last week’s episode was wild, but this one was next-level. How cool is it for you to get these two huge episodes back to back?

This was a really great opportunity. It was really fun to get to do something different. When you’ve been on a show for four years, you sort of fall into a pattern or a rhythm, and you start to get comfortable. Then wham, you get these episodes and you’re like, “Yes! A challenge!” It keeps you on your toes. It’s also cool because you can’t really guess what’s coming next every time we get a script, unless you’ve spoken to the writers before. I certainly felt that way when I got these two episodes, eight and nine. We actually shot them the other way around, which was kind of confusing. We shot [this week’s] before we shot [last week’s].

I felt very grateful to the writers for giving me that opportunity. It’s always very exciting to get to do something very different than what you’re used to doing, and it made the blow of leaving the firehouse a little easier because I had something to look forward to.

That must have been confusing.

It was. I knew what was going to happen in eight, so I really had to keep a clear timeline in my head of Marjan’s journey and where exactly she was at the time. As we were shooting things, I kept a little notebook full of information, otherwise it would have gotten very confusing.

By the time we shot that, I knew what was coming. I didn’t have a script, but I had an overarching view of what the narrative was going to be.

You could probably auction that little notebook off.

I don’t know, is it that interesting?

I’m sure the fans would think so. And speaking of the fans, they were not thrilled when Marjan left the 126. Were your mentions blowing up on social media?

I posted a picture on Instagram with a caption like “Goodbye!” because I really didn’t know what to say. And then I finally wrote to someone, “Well, you have to say goodbye in order to say hello again. Wink, wink.” And I think people started calming down, at least the people who read that. Then the people who were like, “This is so sad,” and, “I hope you have another show,” came back to that picture this week and were like, “Oh, you’re back in a big way.”

This is going to make me sound like an absolute psycho, but watching Grant bleed out after you shot him in the neck was incredibly satisfying. What was it like to go up against enemy like this?

I know! What a terrible, terrible character he was. But such a fantastic actor. That whole prosthetic that he wore with the blood pumping out from the flare, plus the fire — it was a satisfying ending. And it was nice to see Marjan’s humility and compassion, that even in the hospital when she found out he had passed, she wasn’t happy about it. This wasn’t a victory for her. That wasn’t her intention. It was a necessity. It was her feral last attempt at saving herself and her own life for once, instead of putting other people in front of her.

Natacha Karam in '9-1-1: Lone Star'
911: Lone Star: Natacha Karam Unpacks Marjan ‘s Complicated Victory

And we’re thinking that she’s also saving this little girl the whole time, then… plot twist! I have to admit, it wasn’t until we saw Mouse disappear that I finally put the pieces together. Did that twist surprise you?

When I read the script the first time, I didn’t know. I was just kind of like, “Where did this kid appear from? I don’t understand.” Then I got to the end and was like, “Oh!” I definitely had to go back and read it again, now knowing that we’ve actually learned a lot about Marjan, because everything that comes out of Mouse’s mouth is actually information about Marjan.

So Marjan really got into the life-saving business because of this experience she had as a child where she wasn’t able to save her best friend and his parents?

Yeah, I think that’s something we can take away from this. And living through something like that is one of the reasons for her profound faith. Her mom says to her at the end, “When Allah is with you, you’re never alone.” We really learned a lot more about why Marjan is the woman that she is. And you’re right, this is one of the incidents that set her on the path to being like, “I couldn’t help once, but I can help now.” I love how much little stuff they sprinkled in there.

Is she going to be able to shake this off and get back to work, or is this going to be a process that she works through?

It’s a process. I don’t know that it’s the longest process in the world, but it’s a process. You will see her not being able to go on calls, and getting frustrated having to do paperwork at the firehouse, and the physical therapy.

She’s doing paperwork for a while. She can’t go out on calls just yet, but there’s physical therapy. You will meet a physical therapist later in the season and see the work that she’s doing to heal. The injuries don’t get erased. You do have to see her work hard to get back to full form.

I feel like I pretty much know the answer to this, but is it safe to say that she found what she was looking for on this journey?

She sure did. Twice! [Laughs] I think Marjan needed confirmation that she was on the right path, that she knows her purpose. Kylie saying those words to her was the affirmation that made it where there was no more questioning. It became clear as day. You can see the weight lift off of Marjan with that happy FaceTime that she has with the guys back in Austin. She says she’s more than ready to come home, and that’s because of how clear it has become to her that she’s exceptionally good at helping people.

If only she had just gone straight home.

Right? If only she had just said, “You know what? I’ll drive through the night.” No, honestly, Grant probably still would have followed her because he was right there at the bus stop.

Did any part of her truly think that her journey wouldn’t eventually lead her back there?

I think it was sort of a 50/50 when she left the firehouse. She was going out there to find the answer, meaning it was never a no, it was never an “absolutely, I don’t belong here anymore.” It was, “I don’t feel comfortable here right now. I don’t know how to be who I’m supposed to be. I’m feeling really kind of muggy and muddy.”

So she left to try and find clarity, and it wasn’t coming as easy as she thought it would. And then, all of a sudden, this opportunity to help someone and do the thing that she loves presents itself to her. We began Episode 9 with her being like, “I’m coming home. I know it! This is where I’m supposed to be. If you have a space for me and you haven’t replaced me,” which I thought was a very sweet scene. It really showed the relationship on FaceTime that Marjan has with all the guys at the firehouse.

Did she need to help someone out on the road to find her way back or would it just have taken longer without that?

I don’t know. I think it was divine timing that there was someone for her to help out on the road because she needed to learn firsthand that that’s the thing that she’s going to do with her time no matter what, so she might as well go into it where she gets paid for it, where she can put in loads of hours to do it. This is her calling in life, and I think the kind of happenstance of ending up with someone on the road who you rescue and change their life for the better was a fast track to her understanding that “yes, I’m going home, I love my job and whatever semantics I have to work through in order to be able to do it, I will absolutely do.”

These episodes reminded me of those classic ’90s thrillers, like The River Wild.


Which makes you the Meryl Streep in this situation.

[Laughs] Oh my goodness, I’ll take that.

What did you think of the conclusion to Marjan ’s Grant nightmare on 911 Lone Star? Did you guess the Mouse twist before it was fully revealed? Tell us in the comments!

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Source: TV Line / TV Insider

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