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911 Lone Star, Rubinstein & Silva on Tarlos engagement

911 Lone Star season 3 ended on a happy note for Tarlos after their unconventional engagement! The stars break down their emotional proposal scene from the season 3 finale and tease what to expect from season 4!

How Silva and Rubinstein reacted after knowing about the Tarlos engagement

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RAFAEL SILVA: “It’s kind of hard not to dream about situations like this, especially with this relationship that’s been going for three years, three seasons. So we kind of expected it, kind of dreamed about it, but obviously it was such good news to receive. I was just super excited.”

RONEN RUBINSTEIN: “It sort of feels like a full circle for T.K. — quite a beautiful sort of arc. I’m relieved that [Minear] decided that it was going to be T.K. that proposes to Carlos. I feel like it was a way for T.K. to close that chapter on his previous failed engagement and the trauma that came from that, with trying to commit suicide and overdosing. I loved that the engagement was outside of the box and wonderfully bizarre in many ways.”

“My first impression of the script was, “Oh, this is funny!”, Silva added. “When you read it it’s actually funny, because you wake up at 3 a.m. and I’m having PTSD over the house burning down — but also the lizard, in a way. And so I think in that moment it’s definitely not something that Carlos was expecting, despite this being a man he loves intensely. But I think also we’ve seen the history of this relationship: T.K. can be a bit impulsive, a little bit messy, a little bit all over the place. And Carlos is the one who tries to keep everything together. Each are beautiful in their own way.”

Showrunner Tim Minnear explains how they decided on the way in which T.K. would pop the question to Carlos

“We had tried a couple of different ways, and it really felt like the Owen and the T.K. stories were commenting on each other, in a sense. Owen’s going through his own thing, but it’s all in telling T.K., “You’ve got to live for now, we’re not promised anything, we’re not guaranteed anything. And you can’t be waiting to live and you can’t be living in the past, you need to kind of carpe diem.”

Rob Lowe as Owen in 9-1-1 Lone Star

“So Owen’s story handed off to T.K. in a way that those things felt connected, even though they were two separate things. I had been toying with this idea of T.K. not having a will, just because I thought it was kind of funny that the guy who’s constantly almost dying is the guy who doesn’t have the will. But it sort of made sense to me, too, because I don’t like to go to the doctor. I feel like if I don’t get bad news, bad things won’t happen, right? I’m sure I’m not unique in that sense. So to me, that’s kind of T.K. as well.”

“So the idea that he woke him up in the middle of the night just felt right to me. T.K. is impulsive. The last time we saw him propose, he planned it out in the pilot. But here it felt like he had a lot on his mind and just the image to me of him just sitting there watching Carlos sleep, that felt like a very T.K. thing to me. So I wanted it to feel like the decision before the actual proposal, that’s why I did it that way.”

We’ll see the wedding in season 4!

Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein on '9-1-1: Lone Star'

“We’ll definitely see the wedding. … The big next step in the relationship is planning and executing a wedding. I think it’d be a big one. I don’t think Carlos’ mother would allow them to run off to City Hall,” says Minnear.

Rubinstein and Silva have two different ideas of the engagement!

“I keep joking with Raphael that I hope the wedding happens in the very first episode of season 4 and it’s just a giant, epic celebration with the entire cast. And hopefully we get to do it somewhere beautiful, and hopefully it goes smoothly,” Rubinstein says.

Silva, on the other hand, wants to wait. “I want to wait. I want to make sure we give these boys some time to really go through the motions of preparing the wedding — what does it mean to be engaged, and people’s reactions. And I want to go through that journey.”

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Source: EW/Variety/TVInsider

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