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This Is Us | How well do you know Beth Pearson? | Quiz

Strong woman, loving mother and hard-working and tireless dreamer, Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) is one of the most underrated characters in NBC’s family drama, This Is Us.

What about you fans? How much do you remember about her personal story? Find out with our quiz dedicated to Beth Pearson!

This is us 6: Continueremo a vedere il lato comico di Beth Pearson? •

Love and family are two central themes in NBC’s family drama, This Is Us. Each season shows us the evolution of every character in the Pearson family and the people close to them. Beth Clarke, who later became Beth Pearson after marrying Randall, one of the Pearson Big Three, is one of the most interesting and important personalities among those closely related to the family. Until about the middle of the series her backstory will remain somewhat in the shadows and then blossom and prove more complicated and full of obstacles than the woman shows. How much do you remember of all the events that happened in Beth Pearson’s life? Test yourself with our quiz!


Congrats! Beth Pearson has no secrets for you!

It seems you and Beth aren’t much alike…

#1. How many siblings does Beth have?

#2. What's Beth's dream when she was a child?

#3. With which of her parents does Beth have a more conflictual relationship?

#4. How did Beth and Randall first meet?

#5. When did Beth have a confidence blow?

#6. What’s the relationship between Beth and her cousin Zoe?

#7. What did Beth’s father die of?

#8. What's Beth full name?

#9. How many years have Randall and Beth known each other?

#10. What’s Randall’s nickname for Beth?


Share your results with us in the comments showing how well you know Beth Pearson from This Is Us, and may the best one win!

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