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How much do you know Chicago PD couple Jay e Erin? – Quiz

We are here to test your memory – Do you know everything about the beautiful couple formed by Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) on Chicago PD, we DO – Not to forget them, and honor them, we have prepared a super quiz for you. How much do you know? Test yourself and show it to us!

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How much do you know Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay – Find out with our brand new quiz!

In the first 4 seasons of Chicago PD they made us day dream and believe that their Love-story was eternal. They even had a real relationship outside the set of Chicago PD that seemed to have rekindled after shooting episodes but unfortunately not even in real life Jesse Lee Soffer and Sophia Bush were not meant to be together.

Test yourself and show us how much you know Chicago PD couple, Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay!


Congrats! Erin and Jay don’t have any secrets for you!

You might need some review…

#1. What’s the title of the episode in which Jay kisses Erin in front of everyone making their lovestory official?

#2. Where does Jay kiss Erin on the episode where they make their story official ?

#3. Who's Abby for Jay?

#4. What secret did Jay keep from Erin?

#5. Why do Jay and Erin break up the first time and then go back together?

#6. Where did Jay get the ring he was gonna give Erin?

#7. Why didn’t Jay ever propose to Erin?

#8. Whose fault is Erin leaving 21?


Share your quiz results on how well you know the couple formed by Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD in the comments and let’s see how much you know about their love story. May the best win!

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