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A Paris Proposal, starring Alexa PenaVega and Nicholas Bishop, premieres Saturday Feb 11 on Hallmark! – WATCH

Alex PenaVega (“Love in the Limelight,” XXX) and Nicholas Bishop (“Industry”) will star in “A Paris Proposal” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, February 11 (8 p.m. ET/PT) on Hallmark Channel. It’s part of the network’s annual “Loveuary” programming event. The movie shot partially on location in Paris and features iconic locations. Let’s take a first exclusive look at the movie!


Anna and Sebastian travel to his hometown of Paris to land the Ad account of famed Durand Diamonds and end up in a tricky situation when the client mistakes them for a happy couple.


Anna (PenaVega) is an account manager for a New York City advertising agency who has
the opportunity to land the biggest client of her career – Durand Diamonds. Much to her chagrin,
her boss dispatches her and her colleague Sebastian (Bishop) to the City of Light to make the
pitch and seal the deal. Anna’s by-the-books work style clashes with Sebastian’s looser approach
and over-the-top ideas that dazzle the client but exceed budget realities that land them in hot
water. Not only that, but Paris holds painful memories for her since that’s where she and her
now ex-husband honeymooned at the start of their brief, one-year marriage. When they arrive
in Paris to meet with the client, a misunderstanding leads the Durands to believe Anna and
Sebastian are married, making them excited about the prospect of having real-life couple in
charge of the creative vision for their brand. As they work on their campaign pitch and try to
keep up appearances of being a happy couple – which becomes more complicated when
Sebastian’s family becomes involved – they begin to learn about each other and the most romantic
city in the world just might be working its magic. But when the truth about their relationship, or
lack thereof, comes to light will this mean the end of their professional partnership as well as
their budding romance?

“A Paris Proposal” is from Hallmark Media. Cameron Johann is executive producer.
Producers are Jeffery Beach, Phillip Roth and Kristina Kambitova. Sufo Evtimov is line producer.
Jessica Harmon directed from a script by Andrea Canning.

Alexa PenaVega Reveals How Leaving Her Family at Home Helped Her to ‘Dive’ Into Filming

“What was really cool about this specific project … I left my family to go make this movie. And I never do that,” PenaVega, 34, said. “We have, like, a very strict two-week rule [about working away]. But because this was filming out of the country and between Bulgaria and Paris … it just made more sense to allow the family to stay behind on that.”

“It really gave me an opportunity to super dive in [and] think [about] this role, which was fun,” the Christmas Made to Order star told Us. “When we were done with set the cast would literally go out to dinner together and we’d literally go over our lines for the next day. We’d talk about the scene and what we could add to it to kind of like make it a little bit more special or maybe a little more unique than Hallmark used to seeing.”

Alexa continued: “I think that’s where it really shined. We were able to just do our homework.”

Abot her co-stars

“They are all, like, trained actors, not just people who like acting. They’ve all been to school for acting,” she explained about her co-stars. “They are highly trained in it, and you can tell because they really brought it.”

“You know what I love? For me, the bickering scenes … when we don’t get along, those are the most fun to me,” Alexa shared. “Because a lot of times I do get along with my costars and I am having such a great time that to be able to, I don’t know, be at each other’s throats is just such a fun thing to do.”

“There’s this one moment where I’m walking away from Sebastian and Nick randomly threw out, ‘I loved you and Legally Blonde by the way.’ And we all died laughing because that wasn’t on paper,” Alexa revealed. “It was just like a random thing that he shouted out at me. We do that kind of stuff all the time and we laugh so hard. … I kind of like that angst between them.”

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Source: Hallmark / IMDb

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