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Alana De La Garza Talks about Isobel’s Relationship With Jake

Alana De La Garza talked about the last episode of FBI Season 5 and said: “This was an especially fun episode to explore not only the history of Isobel but to actually see the sort of agent she was in the field”.

After the initial search of the kidnapper’s cabin, it doesn’t look like Annabelle’s inside. Then, there’s an explosion (rigged by the kidnapper), and the search team must retreat with injuries. Isobel insists on going inside to find Annabelle, even as Jake protests that it’s suicide. They let her down once and she won’t do that again, Isobel explains. She finds the young woman in a hidden compartment behind a bookcase and gets her out safely.

Alana De La Garza in FBI
Alana De La Garza in FBI

The actress added: “I think in the end Isobel is really driven by an overwhelmingly feeling of correcting a mistake the best way she can, by saving Annabelle,”.

During the course of the investigation, we hear about Isobel and Jake’s more personal history. He insists they did the best they could when they originally worked the case, but she’s not so sure, in fact she turns him down.

Working with him has led to Isobel being “reaffirmed in her decision to no longer be with Jake.” according to De La Garza.

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Source: TV Insider

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