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And Just Like That Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

The eleven-episode second season of the Max Original series AND JUST LIKE THAT…, from executive producer Michael Patrick King, will debut with two episodes on THURSDAY, JUNE 22 on Max. The following nine episodes will premiere weekly on Thursdays. Let’s see everything we know so far about the show’s new season!

What’s And Just Like That Season 2 About?

And Just Like That showrunner Michael Patrick King just revealed the first details of season 2 of the HBO Max series!

“Season 2 is about resilience and rebound and laughter, and finding laughter more easily for people who might have experienced grief, more of our new cast members who we love.”

“One of my burning passions about season 2 is Che. I want to show the dimension of Che that people didn’t see, for whatever reason — because they were blinded, out of fear or terror. I want to show more of Che rather than less of Che. Like, really.”

And Just Like That EP Promises More Sex and More City in Season 2, Teases Miranda’s L.A. Move and Aidan’s Return

After Carrie spent last season grieving the abrupt death of Mr. Big, the upcoming sophomore season of HBO Max’s Sex and the City continuation (premiering in June) will look to the future with a lot more optimism, executive producer Michael Patrick King tells “A lot of Season 2 is an address to the reaction to Season 1 in my thought process. ‘Oh, it’s dark. Oh really? That’s necessary because the opposite of dark is light, so this is light. And if that was winter, this is spring.’”

In fact, Season 2 is a throwback to the good old Sex and the City days, King hints: “There’s sex and there’s city… There are so many restaurants, and there’s so much New York. It’s really more city than I’ve ever seen in the show… When Sex and the City was good, we showed four individuals all experiencing different versions of the same question, which is: How do you fulfill yourself? That’s what we’re doing now with even more characters.”

One of those characters is Miranda’s new love interest Che Diaz, the stand-up comic who took Miranda with them to film a sitcom pilot in Los Angeles.

“The idea of Miranda in L.A. while Che does a pilot to me is like a lemon meringue pie. It’s so tart and sweet and wrong, in a comedy way,” King notes, adding that it was “really interesting to remove somebody from a group and put them on their own island with some other character. They’re both trying to grow or be happy — and it’s substantial, it’s enough.” But he also reassures fans that “they’re back in New York at some point… TV pilots are an iffy business.”

Also back in New York in Season 2: Carrie’s former flame Aidan Shaw, with John Corbett reprising his Sex and the City role.

King calls Aidan’s return “a big entrée in our feast,” revealing that though Aidan was still married when we last saw him in the second Sex and the City movie, “I would not make Carrie Bradshaw a home-wrecker… They’re both single. You know how she’s single. You don’t know how Aidan’s single.”

David Eigenberg Reveals Most Surprising Supporter of “Justice for Steve”

Sex and the City fans aren’t the only ones rooting for David Eigenberg’s character Steve Brady.

In fact, after Cynthia Nixon’s character Miranda Hobbs left him for Sara Ramirez’s Che Diaz in season one of And Just Like That, the actor revealed even his 9-year-old daughter Myrna demanded showrunners reunite the fictional couple next season.

“She saw some of that ‘justice for Steve’ stuff,” Eigenberg exclusively told E! News, adding that she suggested he declare during his season two table read, “‘My name is Dave Eigenberg and I play Steve and justice for Steve!'”

While viewers will have to wait to see how Steve and Miranda’s relationship works out—or doesn’t—Eigenberg is just happy to reunite with Nixon and the rest of the cast for a second season of MAX’s revival.

“It was a lot of fun,” the Chicago Fire star shared. “To come back 20 years later, they are beautiful, lovely people. There’s a great heart there. They’ve always really cared about each other so much.”

First-Look pictures

And Just Like That season 2 adds Candice Bergen, Gloria Steinem

Candice Bergen, who played Carrie’s Vogue editor Enid Frick on the original show and in one of the Sex and the City movies, is officially reprising her role, showrunner Michael Patrick King exclusively confirms to EW.

Candice Bergen is back as Enid, which we’re thrilled about because I always loved Enid,” King says in an interview for EW’s 2023 Summer Preview. “She is a cold, wonderful diva of publishing.”

King teases a couple other “heavy-hitter performers” guest-starring in And Just Like That season 2, including feminist icon Gloria Steinem and singer Sam Smith.

“Two days after they won the Grammy, they’re on our show with a Carrie necklace that says ‘Sam.’ They said they and their sisters all have them,” King recalls. “That is the gold of having done a show that people liked: you call Sam Smith to play this nice part that we needed, and they’re like, ‘Yes, cause I love the show.’ That’s really thrilling.”

Aidan’s Big Return

“Corbett is set for a substantial, multi-episode arc on the second season… reprising his role as the likable furniture maker.”

While HBO Max declined to comment on the news, Parker told that she “can’t be, like, cryptic about it anymore,” seemingly confirming Aidan’s return. 

John Corbett Reportedly Joining ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2

And Just Like ThatJohn Corbett is back as Aidan. According to Deadline, the actor is set to reprise his role as Aidan on HBO Max’s Sex and the City sequel series, presumably reuniting with former love interest Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). 

According to the outlet, “Corbett is set for a substantial, multi-episode arc on the second season of the Sex and the City followup, reprising his role as the likable furniture maker.” HBO Max declined to comment on the news. 

Parker kind of confirmed Corbett’s return. When asked about it, she said: “Could be, could be. “Well, you know, I can’t be like, cryptic about it anymore.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Aidan’s ‘And Just Like That’ Return, Carrie Bradshaw’s Romantic Future

Apart from the return of Samantha Jones, the Big-gest (sorry, had to) star to reprise their Sex and the City role on season 2 of And Just Like That has to be John Corbett returning as everyone’s favorite furniture maker, Aidan Shaw.

The former fiancé of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is set to come back to the beloved franchise in what seems to be more than just a brief cameo role.

Following the death of Carrie’s husband, Mr. Big (Chris Noth), Aidan is returning to the streets of Manhattan for what appears to be yet another shot at love with Carrie.

ET spoke with several members of the cast ahead of Corbett’s return to the show to ask about how Aidan shakes up Carrie’s world and what the widow is facing this season.

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Carrie’s bestie, Miranda Hobbes, clarified, “Miranda was always Team Aiden, you know.”

And Sara Ramirez, who plays non-binary comedian Ché Diaz, added of Corbett, “John Corbett was the new thing in season 2, and he had the welcome energy everybody needed.”

As for Parker herself, she is thrilled to have her character return to a former love.

“It’s a rich relationship,” Parker tells ET of the past between Carrie and Aidan. “It’s undeniably exciting as an actor and certainly for writers to explore. Who are they now? Are they good for each other? Are they, you know, apologetic, are they trying to course correct in some ways, are they better for each other, are they worse for one another? And it’s just a hugely joyful thing to explore with that actor, with John Corbett, because he brings so much to it.”

As for whether SATC fans can expect to see more of Carrie’s past loves resurfacing, Parker says, “I don’t know if there’s another boyfriend from the past. But I do think that there are a lot of, you know, there’s not just one borough in New York, there’s a lot of boroughs. And there’s a lot of interesting people in New York and specifically, there’s a lot of interesting men and I would think that Carrie is still curious enough to want to know what else is out there.”

As for where the famed sex columnist-turned-podcast host is at when season 2 starts, Parker says she’s “resurfacing and reimagining life as a single person.”

“A lot of it’s familiar, I think that the tone is very familiar in terms of its relationship to Sex and the City,” she adds. “And by that I just mean the pursuit of joy, the sort of buoyancy of this city and romance and possibility and all the things that happen when you are on the path of discovery, whether it’s professional or personal, romantic discovery. It’s amusing, it’s whimsical, it’s absurd.”

Parker says that season 2 has a “levity” that is nice to explore in a character resurfacing from grief. She says that this time around, Carrie is approaching her love life with less “abandon.”

“There is excitement and curiosity and fear,” she says. “I think the way she’s pursuing it is still with the hope and the optimism and the real interest in it. But she’s a grown up and she’s an independent person who isn’t needing to be reliant upon someone. But she is someone that is, you know, deeply romantic and excited about the flirt, and the chase, but more so perhaps on her terms than she would have been able to create in her younger past.”

Tony Danza joins season 2 as Che Diaz’s father

Tony Danza will recur as himself, who’s been cast to play Che’s father in the sitcom pilot they moved to L.A. to shoot at the end of Season 1.

In the Season 1 finale, non-binary podcaster/stand-up comic Che revealed that they, joined by love interest Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), were moving to Los Angeles as their comedy project had been picked up to pilot.

“Tony Danza is coming in to read for my father. He’s not Mexican or Irish but he is Tony Danza,” Che said at the time.

Will Carrie and Samantha still text each other in season 2?

“Yes!” answered a gleeful Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of the HBO Max series.

King and his writers’ room have only recently embarked on working on the second season of the “Sex and the City” revival. After all, the texting back-and-forth was the show’s inventive way of keeping Samantha on the show after Kim Cattrall has said she no longer wants to play Samantha.

King also indulged a question about what Carrie and Samantha would have talked about during the finale when they saw each other off-screen during the finale, having made a plan after Carrie had lovingly dispensed with Big’s ashes into the Seine.

“It’s very funny, because every single one of the writers has a different version of what happened during that conversation,” King said. “So, I think there was some Champagne. I think there was a grownup back and forth, and a love affair that they realized that something’s more important than being afraid to heal. I’m sure they had a great night. To me, they had a great night and things became resolved. Once Carrie let go of an old, old love, one of her current loves came back in.”

Sarah Jessica Parker steps out in Carrie Bradshaw’s unforgettable wedding dress

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on the set of And Just Like That in one very familiar ensemble. On Wednesday, SJP as Carrie Bradshaw was captured filming on the streets of New York City in her Vivienne Westwood gown from the Sex and the City movie.

Adding a new touch, Parker wore a turquoise drape layered over the infamous cloud dress. Not missing was the “bird” that sat on top of Carrie’s head that held together her netted veil.

There will be more Che!

And Just Like That season 2 will return soon, and so is Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez: viewers will get to know them on deeper level.

“The first season was judging a book by its cover, and season 2 is about reading the book,” Ramírez, who is also non-binary, teased of Che’s past and future on the Sex and the City revival.

Showrunner Michael Patrick King is determined for viewers to see Che in a new light

“One of my burning passions about season 2 is Che. I want to show the dimension of Che that people didn’t see, for whatever reason — because they were blinded, out of fear or terror. I want to show more of Che rather than less of Che. Like, really.”

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Is Natasha Returning?

“It was so fun coming back,” Bridget Moynahan told Entertainment Tonight in April 2022 when asked about reprising her SATC role as Natasha Naginsky on the revival. “I think we should make a push to [executive producer] Michael Patrick King to bring [Natasha] back. Let’s start a campaign, everybody.”

Mario Cantone Tells How And Just Like That… Season 2 Keeps Willie Garson’s Memory Alive

“We miss him terribly. We really do,” Cantone shared on Feb. 1. “He’s definitely talked about in the next season. We keep him alive. I miss him a lot.” “It’s a private thing. You don’t want it to get too private, where you don’t go out and get help or get checked,” he said of prostate-specific antigen tests. “Health is a very private thing. It’s between you and your doctor or doctors. But you’ve gotta get out there and get checked. Men have to, they really do. Go get checked, get your PSA.”

“I’m Team Che (Sara Ramirez). I love every woman on the show,” he shared, “I love Nicole [Ari Parker]. I love Karen Pittman. Of course, I love my S.J. very, very much and Kristin and Cynthia. But, you know, I’ve become very friendly with Sarita Choudhury, who I absolutely adore. And I kind of get mad when I don’t get to see her that often, she has a lot of social obligations, that one.” 

“I love John, I love the actor. He’s a wonderful guy. And boy, does he look incredible. Oh yeah, he looks great.” – Mario Cantone

But what can fans expect from Anthony without Stanford by his side?

“I still got my bakery,” Cantone confirmed. “Hot Fellas bread, that’s a genius idea. I was a wedding planner before, but I never got that gay gene. I don’t know how to put anything together. I did pick up this scarf, though.”

“[Director and writer] Michael Patrick King definitely knew that he wanted to do something culinary with me and knew I loved to bake, so he came up with the whole idea,” he explained. “I was doing sourdough bread before Covid!”


Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kritin Davis are all confirmed to return as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, respectively. No other cast members have been announced.

“It’s so nice. It’s so happy. He brings a lot of joy. He’s a kind of preternaturally happy person, and he’s so excited to be back.”


The second season of the Sex and the City reboot will start production in October, with the aim of streaming on HBO Max in summer 2023. As always, the show will shoot in New York.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Sara Ramírez Tease Season 2 Table Read

Sarah Jessica Parker and Sara Ramírez are teasing that the second season of And Just Like That… has started production. The stars of the HBO Max series shared a couple of photos from the table read ahead of filming of the first episode.

“Just this much. For now. X, SJ,” Parker posted on Instagram a photo of the script for Episode 201 crossing out the title of the episode.

Ramírez posted a picture on the same social platform showing off the cover pages of the scripts for the first two episodes of the second season. In the photo, you could also spot Ramírez’s name card alongside the name of her character Che. Also in the image was a booklet of “Social Media Guidelines” from the network.

Evan Handler, who plays Harry in the television series, also shared pictures of the table read and the entrance of the Silvercup Studios where it was all happening.

The wardrobe department of And Just Like That… also posted a picture of Handler coming in for a fitting.

Nicole Ari Parker and Kristin Davis unveil dramatic looks from set

Maison Valentino designed Nicole Ari Parker’s stunning floor-length red gown, and Philip Treacy created the matching hat with feathers and black wire face mask.

The Maison Valentino floor-length red chiffon gown, with a high empire waist and long train, was paired with an elaborate hat constructed by famed hat maker — and Sarah Jessica Parker pal — Philip Treacy. Both designers are featured regularly on the show and its predecessor, Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pink Pants from the ‘And Just Like That…’ Set Look Straight Out of ‘Sex and the City’

Carrie Bradshaw is (almost) back again — and so are pink pants.

Spotted on the set of And Just Like That…, actress Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pair of pants in the light hue. Cuffed at the bottom, but relaxed throughout, the pin k pants looked rather lowkey for the always glamorously dressed actress (and character!), and easily replicable for the rest of us. It also looked like we had seen it somewhere else before.

On top, she wore a patterned floor-length coat and gray sweater, which added a mature vibe and kept the actress warm in those NYC temperatures. She switched up the color palette and opted for warm tones with her chestnut-colored bag, and she added some shine with her metallic heels.

Comfy Pink Pants Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Tronjori High Waist Wide Leg Palazzo Pants, $33.99–$37.99 (orig. $39.99);
  • Cozy Earth Women’s Modern Modal Wide Leg Pant in Antique Rose, $160;
  • Cider Pretty Woman Pink Satin Trousers, $28;
  • Belle Poque High Waisted Wide Leg Pants in Pink, $32.99;
  • Boohoo Woven Lace Top and Pants Two-Piece Set in Blush, $27.20 (orig. $68);
  • Funyyzo High Waisted Wide Leg Suit Pants in Pink, $29.99–$36;
  • BCBGMAXAZRIA Pleated Wide Leg Pants in Dusty Pink, $166.60 (orig. $238);
  • Miss Selfridge Straight Leg Trousers in Pink, $60;
  • BP. Satin Wide Leg Pants in Pink Lilac, $39;

The reason why her pants looked so similar? Back during the original Sex and the City series, during the episode in Season 3 in which Carrie first met Aidan Shaw, SJP’s character wore a pair of pants that could pass as nearly the same ones. They also were light pink, and they, too, had a similar fit. She styled them with a white tank and one of her trademarks — a flower. The biggest difference is that in 2023, Carrie’s pants had a bit more flow and a less tight fit.

Here’s Proof And Just Like That… Season 2 Is Coming Soon

And Just Like That… season two is preparing to take flight, as filming has wrapped.

And speaking of flying, you may coo over the wrap gift that cast members Kristin Davis (Charlotte York-Goldenblatt) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbs) gave the Sex and the City sequel series’ costume designers, Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago. The shared an Instagram photo of the present, a black hoodie with a pigeon printed on the back, as well as a thank-you note from the actresses.

“The nicest wrap gift ever!” they captioned the April 10 post. “Hail to the pigeon hoody! @iamkristindavis @cynthiaenixon thank you!!!”

The costume designers also included a printed note that came with the gift. “And Just Like That…it’s a wrap!” it read. “Thank you for your hard work this season. Love, Kristin & Cynthia.”

The hoodie’s pigeon design appears to be a tongue-in-beak references to a curious accessory that main star Sarah Jessica Parker‘s character Carrie Brawshaw apparently carries in season two of And Just Like That…: An $890 JW Anderson clutch that resembles, yes, a pigeon.

Sarah Jessica Parker Seals Filming Season 2 of ‘And Just Like That’ With a Kiss

Sarah Jessica Parker has sealed season two of And Just Like That… with a kiss!

The woman synonymous with Carrie Bradshaw commemorated the end of filming the highly anticipated new episodes with an Instagram post on Thursday, seemingly from the cast and crew’s wrap party. 

In the blurry picture, Parker gives co-star Nicole Ari Parker a kiss on the cheek against what appears to be a bar. “Wrap parties=kissing. But not goodbye,” the actress captioned the photo. “@nicoleariparker you ALWAYS smell so good. @justlikethatmax a season of love. Crew, cast you were ALL heavenly. X, Your SJ.”

What do you think about these first details on And Just Like That season 2?


Source: US Magazine / Deadline

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