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Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts Stars Tease How Nuanced Season 2 Is! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

Amidst love, friendship and personal dilemmas, the stars can do little if we don’t put our own spin on it. In Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts Season 2 we will finally see Alice and all the other protagonists actually put into practice what astrology has taught them, sometimes even to their detriment. And especially for Alice, this will be a journey whose goal is to love herself. This will of course make the whole thing much more dynamic and full of different nuances!

We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting to the protagonists of Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts. Claudia Gusmano, Michele Rosiello and Lorenzo Adorni. They told us what to expect from season 2, what it was like to approach their characters and some nice behind-the-scenes footage from the set.

Although many of us discovered it undeniably by chance, Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts is much more than just a romantic comedy.

Rather, it is a product that is able to tell the story of the characters from all angles and win you over with its fresh charisma. Because, as Michele Rosiello points out, “making a comedy show with this kind of nuances is very complicated”.

“It’s a bit like astrology, it rubs you the wrong way, because even if you don’t believe the horoscope, you read it. […] One of the winning things about the series is that although it’s a very, if you like, light romantic comedy with short episodes that a lot of people start watching just because they want to be distracted. At the same time it manages to tell you about the characters in many layers. So what you see doesn’t always correspond to what the character thinks, or feels, or says. That’s the work we did with the director.”

And the second season will be able, even more than the first, to show us all these nuances and varieties in the evolution of the characters. It, as always, enthuse us, entertain us but at the same time allow us to see ourselves again.

“In Season 2, starting from where we left off in the Season 1 finale,” explains Claudia Gusmano. “we will see Alice being more aware – she will learn to love herself more and this will help her in her relationship with others”.

The same can be said for Tio. He will have to come to terms with a relationship and therefore with his own feelings, which he is not used to expressing openly, but also with the acceptance that he has value as an individual.

While for Davide the matter is even more introspective, because in addition to discovering his sign of the zodiac (finally!!!) in Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts Season 2 we will be able to discover more about his world and his life before Alice. As Michele Rosiello tells us, Davide’s world is much more than we see, and this has challenged him in his performance, but it is also what has fascinated him most about the character.

Recalling their first impact with the project, Lorenzo Adorni explains how, even before the series, they know the characters and it is they who give them an idea of what they are going to do.

I was lucky enough to come across a character who was very different from the usual. Both from the Italian panorama and from the register. And then because Tio brings with it the possibility for me to work on many very topical things, such as gender identity, which is no small thing. Tio is a very nice, funny first attempt to define a reality that is non-binary. It’s already this. Trying to do it from a comic point of view, so trying never to become a clown, because that was absolutely not the aim. And trying to bring a character who is credible from many points of view, also breaking many schemes.

Lorenzo Adorni on playing Tio
Claudia, Michele and Lorenzo did not hesitate to describe their experience in the series as a unique and very beautiful adventure. A bit like being in a big family.

From the simple but heartfelt words of the actors it is clear how much a close and cohesive group was created on the set. Marked by an indissoluble bond, which does not disappear once the production is over. This was fundamental and not at all taken for granted in their work, and it helped them in the development of this magical project.

The whole working group was very cohesive, it was really a family situation, like going on a trip. For me, every day on the set was like living in Turin, on a trip, while doing the work I like. So I was really in a good place.

Strictly speaking of the cast, I brought friends home and that’s never a given. Already in the first season, some of us had already created a group, especially those who lived in Turin, namely myself, Michele [Rosiello], Claudia [Gusmano] and Alberto Paradossi. […] But I could say many other things that were created on the set… […]

There isn’t a day when we don’t share something...

There isn’t a day when we don’t share something. And how nice it is to share everyone’s professionalism in a working environment. But at the same time to be able to share all the humanity of these people. Who, by the way, are hilarious and with whom every day was a party on the set. But at the same time they also brought you that job security. So in one way or another everyone brought their own talent and that becomes magic. Astrological Guide for us is magical for that reason alone.

“With all the guys in the cast and crew a really good group has been created. And when there is understanding, energy, you want to see the others in the morning when you wake up, I think this comes indirectly on the screen, this positivity and this being well together. In fact, unfortunately we had very few scenes in common. But when there were occasions like in the scenes of Stars of Love or in the control room together, those were the funniest and somewhat delirious days on set.

Equally fundamental to creating an understanding at first sight on stage was the preparation process via Zoom that director Bindu De Stoppani put in place with the entire cast, Michele Rosiello tells us. Starting with a simple reading of the script together, to arrive at an overall delineation of the characters. So that everyone could better understand who their characters were, what they had done in their lives up until the moment we saw them for the first time.

As Claudia Gusmano points out, the journey of friendships in general was one of the most interesting elements to develop and for the audience to see.

“Often you become the same thing,” she says. “and then a friendship becomes true and conscious, and also respectful, when the two people instead break away and walk side by side, like love, right? Let’s say we’ll see that in season two.”

Claudia speaks with great affection in particular about her relationship with her co-star Lorenzo Adorni (Tio Falcetti). She describes working together as something very important to her, and you could say that the thing is mutual for Lorenzo too.

Working with Lorenzo has been very important for me, and it’s also very nice and constructive because right from the auditions there was this great understanding, there’s great esteem and respect and affection between us, which I think you can see a lot in both characters. […] Both Alice and Tio and Claudia and Lorenzo. We always manage not to take for granted the arrival in the path we take in the scenes. It’s always building, listening to each other and trying to understand each other.

Claudia Gusmano on working with Lorenzo Adorni and building the Tio/Alice friendship
In terms of relationships in the series, another story that has unexpectedly won over the audience is the one between Tio and Andrea (Alberto Malanchino).

In this regard, Lorenzo Adorni told us how he and Alberto Malanchino, whom he holds in high esteem and is happy with the success he is having with Doc – Nelle tue mani, had the same perception of the direction and imprint to give to this story: to tell a love story that goes beyond gender stereotypes, and not a story based on the fact that they were two men, but rather on two people who love each other.

If you could choose who else to play in Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts, who would you choose?

For Claudia, the most interesting character of all is Tio…. “Maybe because Lorenzo played him very well for me,’ she said jokingly. But also and above all because you can work on so many nuances and on a very important topic like gender fluidity.

Michele recognises himself as being closer to Davide, especially in terms of being a person who observes a lot, speaks less, with a greater sensitivity than others. However, he would have had a lot of fun playing both the character of Tio and the character of Carlo. Both have great strength, according to Rosiello, but as for the latter, his strength will be discovered mainly in the second season.

Now if you’re curious to know what to expect from season 2 of Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts before you jump in, here’s a tease from Claudia Gusmano, Michele Rosiello and Lorenzo Adorni!

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