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Becoming Elizabeth: Elizabeth & Jane Grey Clash in Tense Scene From Episode 7! – WATCH

There are just two episodes left of Becoming Elizabeth, and in the Sunday, July 31, Episode 7 and penultimate episode of the Starz show, viewers will get to see the aftermath of the last dramatic and bloody installment.

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 6.]

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 7

In this TV Insider exclusive video, below, Princess Elizabeth (Alicia von Rittberg) continues to contend with the aftermath of her experiences with the abusive Thomas Seymour (Tom Cullen), this time with former housemate Lady Jane Grey (Game of Thrones‘ Bella Ramsey).

The Tudor period drama tracks the teenage Elizabeth in the time directly following the death of King Henry VIII (good riddance). Her younger brother, Edward (Oliver Zetterström), is king, and tensions with her older sister, Mary (Romola Garai), increase by the day. Elizabeth has gone through a rapid, intense learning curve since her father’s death. The time has transformed her from naiveté to having a cold, steely wisdom that was hard won. Now, she knows the game she has to play is survival, and she’s becoming better than everyone else at playing it.

The below clip takes place in the weeks following Thomas’ gruesome execution in Episode 6 (good riddance part two).

Elizabeth and Mary have recently learned they are to be married off (Elizabeth to a Danish prince, Mary to a Protestant, much to her horror). Jane arrives at court to be married off as well, returning with her father, Lord Henry Grey (Leo Bill), after Thomas and Catherine Parr’s (Jessica Raine) plan to marry her to the young king failed.

“You were always so keen to prove that our positions in this world were alike, and here we are. Both put up for sale at the same time,” Elizabeth says to Jane as they walk through a garden.

“I think my father is most anxious that this time I am actually bought,” Jane replies. “I don’t think he could take another disappointment.”

Jane prepares herself to ask the question sitting heavy on her mind, and then asks, “What is it like? The wedding night.” Elizabeth does not take kindly to this inquiry.

“Why would you ask me, Jane?” the princess presses when Jane says she has no older sisters to teach her. And then, things escalate.

See how this uncomfortable exchange pans out in the full Becoming Elizabeth Episode 7 clip, and be sure to tune in when the episodes airs Sunday, July 31 on Starz.


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Source: TV Insider

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