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Can you recognize the protagonists of Chicago Fire by their details? Quiz

Would you say you’re such a fan of Chicago Fire to recognize their protagonists by some simple details that characterize them? Test yourself with our new quiz!

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NBC firefighter drama Chicago Fire is defined by a long series of characters that have affected its evolution with their own stories, and their details. The Firehouse 51 heroes pass by electrifying cases, showing themselves in all their seemingly coldness and phenomenality to move us with their most sensitive and personal side. Every single hero has a story and features that make them unique and define them. How could you not fall in love with them? In particular, female characters represent an important component as we find female figures with great tenacity, heart and great passion at the same time.

Stella Kidd, Sylvie Brett and Gabby Dawson made Chicago Fire history and without them the series wouldn’t probably have been the same that’s today. Today we’re here to test you and your passion for Chicago Fire and see whether you really know the protagonists or not!


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Share your results on how much in detail you know Chicago Fire protagonists in the comments and may the best win!

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Desiree Bernardin
Desiree Bernardin
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