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Can you recognize This Is Us’ characters by a single detail? | Quiz

NBC family drama, This Is Us together with its many storylines and characters won all viewers’ hearts in a flash. You, fans, can you recognize them all by a single detail? Find out with our brand new quiz!

this is us jack rebecca

Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) are a young married couple whose life changes unexpectedly and radically when she becomes pregnant with triplets. On the day of the birth, as well as Jack’s birthday, things do not go as hoped and one of the babies does not survive. At the doctor’s suggestion, who was there to monitor the birth, the two new parents nevertheless decide to adopt an African American child abandoned by his natural father near a nearby fire station. And here they find themselves returning home anyway with three children: the Big Threesome, Kevin, Kate and Randall (played in the adult version by Justin HartleyChrissy Metz and Sterling K Brown)


#1. Who's this character?

#2. Who's this character?

#3. Who's this character?

#4. Who's this character?

#5. Who's this character?

#6. Who's this character?


How well do you know the characters on This Is Us? Can you recognize them by their smallest details? Share your quiz results in the comments and may the best man win!

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