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Chicago Fire: Andy Allo wears a wig to play Wendy Seager!

Wendy Seager is back in action. The Office of Fire Investigation (OFI) rep has been brought into Firehouse 51 to solve the chilling case of a church arsonist, and maybe even strike up a few sparks of her own with Severide (Taylor Kinney). Chicago Fire star Andy Allo does indeed wear a wig to play Wendy Seager.

Chicago Fire 10 saluta Jesse Spencer ma accoglie un ritorno dal passato

The actress has not specifically discussed her character’s fashion during promos, but a quick glance at her social media proves that she has not grown her hair out, and is sporting the same short cut style she usually does when she’s not on the set.

The multi-talented entertainer has not spoken in-depth about her role on Chicago Fire, but her few social media comments have been rife with positivity.

“So honored to be part of the Chicago Fire Family and learning so much about the hard work first responders and firefighters do”

Andy Allo after her Chicago Fire debut in 2019

Andy Allo has talked about her own hairstyle at length during interviews.

During a chat with Afro Bella, the former Prince collaborator revealed that she used to put her hair in braids and cornrows before attempting a more natural look.

“I’ve never used a relaxer in my hair and am so happy when I hear about people transitioning because those chemicals are very toxic. I absolutely love being natural.”

Andy Allo

When asked what her advice is for others seeking out a unique style, Allo stated that freedom is the key.

“Just let it go. Let your hair do what it wants to. If we fight with our hair, sooner or later- it departs.”

Andy Allo

Allo’s wig may be an distraction for some, but her character’s chemistry with Severide has been one of the more interesting developments in season 10. It’ll be exciting to see where character goes, and how her dynamic with Severide changes as they continue to work alongside one another.

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Source: One Chicago Center

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