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Chicago Fire: Dawson won’t mess with Casey and Brett’s relationship

Casey and Brett’s relationship is at a crossroads, but Chicago Fire creators Haas and Newman assure that Monica Raymund’s Dawson won’t mess with the couple!

“She’s not coming back anytime soon,” co-creator Derek Haas said ahead of the Chicago Fire season 10 finale. “It felt like they had a really good, you know, they left in a good place when she left the last time. And then Casey’s been a one-woman man since then. So we’re not throwing that wrench.”

Co-showrunner Andrea Newman chimed in: “We’re throwing plenty of them, but not that one!”

Newman said it was fun to watch this triangle evolve

“It was a couple years of really seeing them as friends, seeing her have to acknowledge that that’s all she could be to him when Dawson was there, but we could feel her falling in love at the same time she was there before he was. It was really fun to watch that, watch her have to take that backseat for a while,” Newman told Us magazine. “And then even once Dawson was gone, she was still her good friend. So that was still an obstacle. But slowly but surely the trust and the depth of their relationship grew and they got there. And that was just a beautiful thing to have them finally be able to really come together.”

Brett and Casey’s journey has been a highlight for Haas to unfold

Chicago Fire: Dawson won't mess with Casey and Brett’s relationship

“There’s a lot of people across the television landscape who hate their jobs and are miserable people. Because it’s conflict and those kinds of things are good for writing episodes. But with these two, they’ve just been goodhearted people, hearts in the right spot, selfless. [They] care more about others than they do about themselves, and other feelings and that selflessness drew them together,” he explained to Us. “It was beautiful in the short time that we’ve been able to do it.”

Chicago Fire will return for season 11 in fall 2022 on NBC.

Would you like to see Dawson and Casey back together in Chicago Fire or not?

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Source: USMagazine

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  1. I enjoy watching Chicago fire and Chicago Med along with Chicago PD I’ve never missed an episode yet. I’ve have alway’s wished to be a actress but have never had the chance to. These are brilliant shows that I love watching and I know eamon walker for years he was in the early years of The Bill bk in the UK he’s a great friend of my cousin Jon Iles.


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