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Chicago Fire | How much do you know about Kelly Severide? | Quiz

Kelly Severide is the foundation of the entire repertoire of NBC’s firefighting drama, Chicago Fire. Sensitive but fearless, he is ready to give his all for his work as much as in life. How well do you know Kelly Severide, this great character who made the history of Chicago Fire – Find out with our brand new quiz!

Chicago Fire su Italia1, trame 11 agosto: Severide tornerà alla caserma 51?  | LaNostraTv
Taylor Kinney on Chicago Fire – Credit: NBC

Among Chicago Fire ‘s original cast members and characters, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) is loved by everyone, including his costars. It can be said that his personal background is not so simple, between family problems, sudden mourning and broken hearts. At the same time, he is a person of great sensitivity and respect towards his work.

Test yourself with our new quiz dedicated to Kelly Severide’ s personal storyline on Chicago Fire and find out how well you know his character!


Congrats! Kelly Severide has no secrets for you!

Maybe you got a little distracted by his hot muscles…

#1. Who was Kelly's flatmate in the first two seasons of the show?

#2. Who's his ex wife?

#3. Who's Kelly's best friend?

#4. Which one of your colleagues was he best man for?

#5. How many half-brothers does Kelly have in all?

#6. Severide has lived three important losses in his life. Who is the third besides Shay and his father?

#7. What’s Kelly Severide’s iconic car?

#8. How does Squad 3 call him behind his back?

#9. Where did the name "Kelly" come from?

#10. Many firefighters have second jobs. What’s his?


Share your results on how much you know about Kelly Severide’s storyline on Chicago Fire in the comments and may the best win!

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