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Chicago Fire | How much do you know Sylvie Brett? | Quiz

Among the many new characters on Chicago Fire, Sylvie Brett is the one that hit the fire drama fans’ heart. But how well do you know her story? Find it out with our brand new quiz dedicated to paramedic Sylvie Brett!

Chicago Fire: Con chi si metterà Sylvie Brett? ~ Survived the Shows
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire – Credit: NBC

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is a young paramedic woman assigned to Ambulance 61 at Station 51 and meets with the entire Chicago Fire family. Although relationships and past history were complicated at first, she finds an honest friend in her colleague Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) and her future colleagues and roommates. As the seasons pass, she is elected chief paramedic when she finds herself teaming up with a young paramedic passing 51, Jimmy Borrelli (Steven Mcqueen).

She was born to a teenage mother named Julie, who gave her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents raised her on a farm in Indiana. They later had a son who became Sylvie’s adopted younger brother. His father often worked long hours and his mother once had an emotional breakdown, due to stress. However, Brett’s aunt, Annie, helped her along the way until her mother recovered.

Test yourself with our quiz all dedicated to Chicago Fire paramedic Sylvie Brett!


Congrats! Sylvie Brett has no secrets for you!

You might need a rewatch…

#1. When is Sylvie Brett introduced in the show?

#2. Who was her first partner in the ambulance when she arrived at Firehouse 51?

#3. What’s the reason Brett moved to Chicago and joined 51?

#4. Which one of these is the first one trying to approach her in the firehouse?

#5. How old was she when she gave her first kiss?

#6. What phobia affects Brett?

#7. What's her favourite movie?

#8. Who has Brett shared the house with since she arrived for several years?

#9. Who did Sylvie have an affair with in the PD cast?

#10. How many times has Sylvie been engaged?


Share your results on how much you know Sylvie Brett’s character on Chicago Fire with us in the comments and may the best win!

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