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Chicago Fire QUIZ – How much do you know Wallace Boden ‘s story?

Who would like to have Wallace Boden as their Chief?!?!?! EVERYBODY! He is the backbone of Firehouse 51. Today in this brand new quiz we want to test your memory on Wallace Boden of Chicago Fire – let’s see how much you know and remember about him and his family, professional and personal story!

Wallace Boden is an authoritative leader with a “steady hand”; he is always on the front lines when it comes to defending his men at Firehouse 51. Boden as good as he is in command of Firehouse 51, his romantic relationships are terrible. Behind him before Donna he has a divorce with a godson! Which was never seen in the TV series!

Inside the Firehouse 51 Wallace makes his men “breathe” a healthy and familiar environment. His “boys”, as he calls them, can confide in each other if they have a problem and he will never say NO, even if it is just to listen. He loves the Firehouse 51 as a second home and family. He opens the doors of the Firehouse to the community in times of need. When the power went out in Chicago and everyone was in the cold and at risk of being mugged walking down the street. The quiz, aside from the first question which is to mention the very talented actor who gives the character a face, is all about Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire - Episode 200 - 10x05 ...
Chicago Fire - Episode 200 - 10x05 Theories!

We at Survived the Shows also went deep into Wallace Boden ‘s personal, professional and family life – let’s see if you know everything about him in this brand new quiz!


Congrats! Great Wallace Boden has no secrets for you!!

You may need an intensive recap…

#1. What's the name of the actor who plays Wallace Boden?

#2. What is Wallace Boden's way of operating at Barracks 51?

#3. What is his current leadership rank?

#4. What number does his vehicle have?

#5. Under what circumstances does he meet his current wife?

#6. In which season and episode do they get married?

#7. Who does officiate Donna and Boden's wedding at Firehouse 51?

#8. What does Wallace Boden's wife do for a living?

#9. How many children does Wallace Boden have?

#10. What's the name of Wallace Boden's son?


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