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Chicago Fire Season 10: Actor is missing from the calling sheet on set!

As we can see in the pictures from the set of Chicago Fire Season 10, there’s an actor missing. Do you know who is it? We’re talking about beloved Christopher Hermann, played by actor David Eigenberg.

david eigenber and just like that

David Eigenberg is in New York to film the Sex & The City revival series, ..And Just Like that

The actor who plays Christopher Hermann, many years before embarking on the Chicago Fire adventure, starred in the iconic late 90s TV series. Eigenberg played Steve Brady, Miranda Hobbes’ husband, and in the revival he took on the role of Brady. The man was spotted on the New York set just these days, while in Chicago resumed filming of Chicago Fire, without him.

Should we worry about Christopher Hermann?

I don’t think Eigenberg’s time on the New York set could be a threat to the actor’s role on Chicago Fire. They’ll probably justify his absence with a family problem.

mayo stories

In addition, the episodes scheduled for .. And Just Like That are only 10 and then the filming will end soon. In addition, the character of Steve is not present in the TV series as that of the female protagonists.

Meanwhile, Miranda Rae Mayo continues to cast no doubt about Severide’s survival

After posting yesterday an IG story in which she tagged fellow Taylor Kinney in a post with two actors’ intimate scene directed by John Waters writing “This is our life”, she adds.

“This is the season! And happy belated birthday to the king”, by tagging costar Taylor Kinney once again.

Is Miranda having fun by giving us all these clues and making us quiver?

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