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Chicago Fire Season 10: Why Fans Believe Kara Killmer Is Pregnant?

Sylvie Brett has endured lots of highs and lows on Chicago Fire. The character has experienced a professional boost thanks to her ambulance program, but she’s also had to contend with the exit of her boyfriend Casey (Jesse Spencer). Brett was given a chance to reflect on these changes when she reconnected with Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) in the episode “Back with a Bang”. She revealed that she was going to be traveling to go visit Casey, which in turn led some fans to theorize that the character and/or the star playing her, Kara Killmer, might be pregnant. Which is true? Is the character pregnant because Kara Killmer is? Or are fans simply off base? Well, here’s what we know.

kara killmer chicago fire pregnant
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett

Is Brett (Kara Killmer) pregnant on Chicago Fire?

No, Kara Killmer is not pregnant. It’s not clear how or why the rumor started, but it seems to have coincided with the release of Chicago Fire‘s winter premiere. What makes the rumor strange is that there’s very little evidence or clues to go on if one were to theorize as to the actress’ pregnancy.

She doesn’t play a major role in the episode, and none of her character’s dialogue hints at her being pregnant with Casey’s child onscreen. The only feasible conclusion one could draw from her planned trip is that Killmer may be absent from the next several episodes, but even that’s not the case.

The timing of the rumor is made extra curious given that a similar rumor arose when the character of Kidd returned into the fold. There was theories that Kidd had gone quiet because she realized she was pregnant during her time on the road, and was worried about breaking the news to Severide (Taylor Kinney).

This turned out not to be the case, but once again, there was at least a basis in context clues and circumstantial evidence. As it stands, there’s nothing to support the belief that either Killmer or Brett are pregnant.

Killmer does not have any children with her husband and fellow performer, Andrew Cheney. The pair met while working on the 2012 comedy Beyond the Mask, and they eventually wed on May 14, 2016.

Do you think Brett and Casey will satisfy Chicago Fire fans in Season 10?

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  1. Nobody thinks she’s pregnant because of any reason, but the fact that tonight’s episode (3/2/22) showed her walking in her uniform with a very pregnant looking belly. All of the responses to this are very old, some even years old. The question remains, “Is Kilmer pregnant now, in real time?”


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