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Chicago Fire Season 11 Ends With Devastating Twist – Is [SPOILER] Leaving the Show?

It wouldn’t be a Chicago Fire season finale without a romantic declaration and a life-or-death cliffhanger, and Wednesday’s episode more than delivered on both of those fronts.

Warning: This story contains spoilers from “Red Waterfall,” the Season 11 finale of NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”

Stella tells Violet and Brett that she talked with Severide, but their conversation was far from reassuring. According to her, Severide said the ATF gig came up too suddenly to notify Stella about it, but he insisted that it was no big deal. For Stella, everything Severide said was so vague, including how the new job affects when he comes home.

The conversation has Stella so concerned that she goes to Chief Boden and asks that he tell her about Severide’s dad, Benny.

Boden describes Papa Severide as a wanderer who caused the people he loves pain. Plus, Stella can’t get Mama Severide’s words out of her head about how Severide is destined to become his father, and that is not a man to marry.

Thankfully — or unfortunately? — a bigger problem arises for Stella, momentarily distracting her from domestic drama. An extremely destructive bullet found at her rescue call suggests that there may be a domestic terrorist threat to Chicago, Casey confirms before flying back to the Windy City.

This time, Casey gives Brett a heads-up that he’s coming, and when he shows up at the firehouse, Brett breaks the news that she’s trying to adopt a baby.

He asks if Dylan is involved — Sylvie explains that he’s supportive, but no — and Casey says he’s happy for her. He even teams up with Violet, Stella and Mouch to pay the baby’s biological mother, Amber, a visit to talk up “the most amazing, caring person I know.”

Dylan, however, is not as on board with the baby plan as Brett thinks. He breaks up with her, explaining that they’re at really different places in their lives, and it’s obvious that she’s not over Casey. Lucky for her, Casey isn’t over her either. After hearing that Amber has agreed to the adoption, Casey shows up at Brett’s apartment and says he got her something a year and half ago that he wants to give her before he goes back to Portland. Then he gets down on one knee and pulls out a diamond ring.

“Sylvie Brett, we were meant to be. Will you make me and three kids the luckiest family in the world? Will you marry me?” he asks as the episode cuts to black on Sylvie’s stunned face.

As for Stella’s relationship, she decides to take some shifts off to go get her husband and bring him back to Chicago.

Carver doesn’t look too happy to hear this, does he? Perhaps he should focus his attention elsewhere, because Violet is definitely thirsty while checking him out in the showers.

Now, remember that domestic terrorist threat? The firehouse comes under fire from a snipper at a power plant. Casey goes after the shooter against Boden’s objections — “With all due respect, I don’t answer to you anymore,” Casey says in a ballsy move — and with Stella, Carver and Gallo’s help, they stop the sniper. But the damage is done: Mouch is shot during the gunfire and starts bleeding out at the hospital.

Is another main character leaving the One Chicago universe?

During the Season 11 “Chicago Fire” finale, Mouch (played by Christian Stolte) was hit by shrapnel during a call with a live shooter. After being rushed to the hospital, the firehouse was alerted that it wasn’t a bullet and that he was alert and recovering.

However, in the final moments of the episode, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) was by Mouch’s side when he realized that he was looking pale. He looked down and saw that Mouch had been bleeding — and then flat-lined. As the camera panned out, it became clear why the title of the episode was “Red Waterfall,” as blood ran off the side of Mouch’s hospital bed and Herrmann screamed for a doctor.

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