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Chicago Fire Season 11 is bringing back Halloween on episode 5! – WATCH FIRST LOOK

Things are always dramatic on Chicago Fire, but they aren’t always… spooky. However, in season 11, fans should expect at least a little spookiness as the show delivers something we haven’t seen recently – Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 5 “Haunted House” will be the show’s Halloween episode and it will be airing on Oct 19.

Chicago Fire Season 11 is bringing back the Halloween episode this season!


Firehouse 51 hosts a Halloween open house. Kidd and Severide help a young girl after she gets kicked out of her home.

First look

“We haven’t done a Halloween episode in a while,” Fire co-showrunner Andrew Newman tells EW. And there’s one character in particular who’s looking forward to carving pumpkins, handing out candy, and just generally enjoying the holiday. “If you’re a viewer from the beginning, you remember there was a Halloween episode where we learned that Boden’s [Eamonn Walker] favorite holiday is Halloween, which is such a funny quirk for that character to me,” Newman continues. “So we’re going to have some fun with that this Halloween. We get to see that side of Eamonn.” (Start placing your bets on Boden’s costume now!)

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Previewing what else fans can look forward to as the season — which premiered last week and devastated fans when Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Brett (Kara Killmer) called it quits — progresses, Newman points to an unexpected pairing that will provide some entertainment.

“We have a fun combo of Severide [Taylor Kinney] and Violet [Hanako Greensmith] in a story that brings out something new,” she says. “Because we really don’t see those guys together a lot. It’s fun finding new flavors or fun episodes for particular characters.”

Derek Haas preview Halloween episode

“Boden and Halloween is a combination we haven’t seen in quite a while. He takes the holiday very seriously and wants to make sure everyone else does too. Unfortunately, he puts the wrong people in charge of 51’s haunted house. It really made me laugh.” – Derek Haas, executive producer / co-showrunner.

“The episode has one of the best fires we have done in a while and it takes place at a funeral home, where you can’t tell if the dead bodies are victims or vice versa,” he teases, before dropping a classic Haas joke: “No cadavers were hurt in the making of this episode!”

“I’m pretty sure Tony (Tony Ferraris) and Capp (Randy Flagler) took their episode Halloween costumes home so they can wear them on actual Halloween night,” he jokes. “All I will say is, ‘Be afraid. Be very afraid.” 

Chicago Fire Star Promises That ‘Heads Will Roll’ In Halloween Episode, Plus Why The Showrunners Are Excited

When Hanako Greensmith spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets earlier this fall (including about Violet and Hawkins’ relationship), she was asked about the Halloween episode and shared:

That’s gonna be fun! You’re definitely going to get a Halloween episode this year, and I will say, having been a part of one of the incidents, heads will roll. It’s definitely one of the, I find, slightly gorier incidents that we’ve had. That’ll be something fun for you to see, and who doesn’t want to see our cast dressed up in costumes that aren’t CFD gear? I mean, get ready. These costumes are both precious and hilarious, all in one.

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What do you think about this first preview on Chicago Fire Season 11? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!

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