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Chicago Fire Season 11: Kara Killmer Teases Brett ‘s Future – Is she leaving?

Chicago Fire will return for episode 3 season 11 on October 5 on NBC – Here’s what you need to know from its leading lady, Kara Killmer that will tease Brett ‘s future.

Kara Killmer Chicago Fire 11

Is Sylvie Brett leaving Chicago Fire?

“It’ll be interesting to see her really dedicate herself to her career,” Killmer says. “And I think we’ve always seen Sylvie in a relationship. We’ve always seen her in a romance. She’s a hopeless romantic, but I think it’s important to see her come into her own and focus on her own things. Friendships and her career, not just her love life. I’m really excited about being able to explore all of that. She wasn’t able to be fully invested in her relationship or her work. And she has this passion project of paramedicine that is really making a difference. That is how she’s trying to impact the city.” 

On Episode 1 Season 11 of Chicago Fire Sylvie’s ex-fiancé comes back

“Sheffield comes back basically to tell Sylvie, ‘I’m engaged,’. I think that was one of the dominoes for Sylvie that was like, ‘Wow, Violet and Hawkins are finally together. Kidd and Severide are finally married. Even my ex-fiancé is moving on with his life.’ I think it was just being surrounded by everyone moving forward in their relationships, and yet Sylvie was still kind of frozen in hers. I think it was the linchpin; it was the push that she needed to go ahead and decide to end the relationship. At least for now.” 

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That said, Killmer tells NBC Insider she was “just as devastated as all of the fans were” when the split happened. And while viewers may still be hurting for a while, it’s good to see Brett taking steps to move forward with her life. 

Showrunner Andrea Newman about Kara Killmer and her character Sylvie Brett

“I think she’s come into her own as a character. She’s a stronger character and now her feeling is she’s not going to move. No matter how much she loves Casey, she’s not going to move for anybody else. She’s got her life, and she wants to make sure that she’s the one driving it.”

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Source: NBC

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