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Chicago Fire Season 11: Preview on Episode 10! – WATCH

On January 4, Episode 10 of Chicago Fire Season 11 will be airing on the US network NBC. On which new mission will our firefighters embark? Let’s see together some preview!

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Chicago Fire Season 11: Preview on 11×10! – WATCH

Chicago Fire Season 11×10: Synopsis!

NBC hasn’t officially released a first logline that teases what’s going to happen in episode 10 of Chicago Fire season 11 yet. What are expecting for this new episode? Let’s find out together.

Something for the Pain – Det. Pryma’s case comes to an explosive end with Kidd and Carver’s lives in danger. Brett installs an infant Safe Surrender Box at 51. Violet is determined to take Emma down.

Spoiler about Violet

“It’s not that she’s going to put the grief behind her altogether,” says co-showrunner Andrea Newman, “but I think she definitely is moving into a lighter space and able to have a little more fun while also not forgetting Evan. He’s still a part of her life.”

All Promotional Pictures of the episode

NBC hasn’t released the promotional pictures from Chicago Fire 11×10 yet. Keep following us: we’ll upload them as soon as NBC releases them!


NBC hasn’t released the official promo for Chicago Fire’s upcoming installment. Keep following us for more!

What do you think about this first preview on Chicago Fire Season 11? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!

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