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Chicago Med 8: more romance to come for Will and Hannah

Chicago Med co-stars Nick Gehlfuss and Jessy Schram teased there’s more romance to come for their characters Will and Hannah in season 8!

Co-stars Nick Gehlfuss and Jessy Schram—who play Drs. Will Halstead and Hannah Asher respectively on the hit NBC medical drama—are teasing a possible rekindling of their characters’ romance on the show’s upcoming eighth season.

Chicago Med 8: more romance to come for Will and Hannah
Will and Hannah previously broke up so she could focus on her sobriety after going to rehab. Gehlfuss says the door is open for them to eventually get back together following their break.

“They are doing what they set out to do, which is start over and basically wipe the slate clean,” he said, adding, “try not to hold anything against each other given what has happened in the past and personally just try not to compete on any level I would say. And so in doing that they are going to start off with some space.”

“In the premiere, it’s already tricky to do that because Hannah has smoke inhalation complications from the fire and it’s stirring up all this guilt in Will,” Gehlfuss explained.

Schram echoed her co-star. “For now, they are keeping healthy boundaries in complicated situations. But because of the fact that they have such a deep connection and such turmoil in their past, that they have really grown through…really things can go anywhere. But it is rooted in a relationship. We’re just discovering where that relationship goes.” 

Gehlfuss coyly concluded, “The bond that they share will always be bubbling under the surface. You can’t avoid it.”

After the premiere, we’ll see a bit of “space” between the two

“I’m finding it really interesting to see Hannah become her own character outside of Will in a way.” Still, “there’s history there that regardless if they’re starting over, it’s always going to be just bubbling under the surface.”

But he also pointed out, “It’s always interesting with Will and his relationships. It’s always been a little bit difficult for him, money and women. You can always count on that with Will, but they’re giving each other space and I think Will is enjoying seeing her become part of the Med community.”

Chicago Med 8: more romance to come for Will and Hannah

Fans will see Hannah outside of her addiction

“I’ve loved bringing her back because with Hannah, it was such a tumultuous relationship with Will and just within her own experience and within the profession and what she had to do. I applaud our writers in bringing her back and showing after — after that low point and picking up the pieces,” Schram said. “Everybody’s just waiting for her to slip up and when she’s not, do they like her still? Who is Hannah outside of this addiction?”

What are your hopes for Will and Hannah in Chicago Med season 8?

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Source: E!News/TVInsider

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