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Chicago Med: Nick Gehlfuss on Jesse Lee Soffer ‘s exit

Chicago Med star Nick Gehlfuss talked about Jesse Lee Soffer ‘s exit from the franchise, revealing his character Will will feel “extremely lonely”.

Jesse Lee Soffer is leaving Chicago PD “sometime this fall”. Among all the people who will be affected by this, there’s one person nobody talked about yet: his brother Will.

Will Jay and his brother Will share a moment before Soffer’s exit?

“I hope so. I really do,” Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Will, tells TVLine. “I really enjoyed working with Jesse. I’ll never forget how he welcomed me into the whole franchise,” Gehlfuss continues. “This show changed my life, and Jesse really took me under his wing, and I’ll never forget that because that’s the type of guy that he is. He’s done a fantastic job with his role. And the fans have always said they enjoyed seeing the Halstead brothers together. We loved working together. And so I guess it’s just a testament that when you’re really enjoying something, the fans are experiencing that.”

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Chicago Med: Nick Gehlfuss on Jesse Lee Soffer 's exit

How Will will handle not having his brother around anymore?

“I think he’ll be extremely lonely,” Gehlfuss says, “because at this point, both of his parents aren’t alive. And as far as we know of the Halstead family, that’s all Will has left.”

“That’s why I think maybe a relationship would be good for Will, to have someone else around,” the actor adds. “I mean, he has his colleagues, of course, but something a little more intimate to go home to and be with.”

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC, while P.D. airs at 10 pm.

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Source: TVLine

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