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Chicago Med Season 8: Preview on Episode 1 – WATCH

Are you already buzzing for the release of Chicago Med season 8 on September 21? Here’s everything we know about it so far, from synopsis, promotional photos, release date and trailer!


NBC has released the synopsis that teases what’s going to happen on Chicago Med S8 episode 1 titled “How do you begin to count the Losses”. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload it as soon as it’s out!

In the aftermath of Will’s apartment fire, Crockett, Ethan and Archer work together to try and save the survivors. Charles and Med’s new fellow, Nellie, helps a paranoid patient. Dylan makes a life-changing decision.


Remember that massive cliffhanger from last season? Yeah, get ready for more of that. “We’re picking up in the middle of that fire that you saw,” showrunner Diane Frolov tells EW of the Chicago Med premiere. And yet, episode 2 will jump forward in time “about a month,” according to Frolov, which will allow the show to examine the effects of said fire. “It’s tremendously impactful,” fellow showrunner Andrew Schneider says.

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As for what else to expect from the season, Frolov previews a deeper dive into psychiatry. “We’re exploring it a little bit more. Charles [Oliver Platt] is going to have his own journey,” she says. “We’re also going to have a character that comes in diagnosed with schizophrenia that will recur so we can follow that through more. It’ll be very personal at times with Charles in his own journey to be interacting with these patients.”

Furthermore, the show is interested in exploring supply chain shortages and how that will impact the hospital. “What this does is allows our doctors to come together and be creative and find alternate ways to treat patients while at the same time, they’re often fighting for limited supplies,” Schneider says. “So it really kind of becomes an issue for everybody coming together in the midst of this.”

Because if there’s one thing Chicago Med doesn’t need, it’s more chaos.

Sasha Roiz and Lilah Richcreek Estrada join the cast

Grimm alum Sasha Roiz and Lilah Richcreek Estrada are two recurring guest stars announced for Season 8 of NBC’s Chicago Med

Roiz will appear on #OneChicago’s medical drama as Jack Egan, a multimillionaire renaissance man.

Additionally, Lilah Richcreek Estrada will fill the role of Nellie Cuevas, a psych fellow working alongside Oliver Platt’s Dr. Charles.

Where We Pick Up

It’ll be all hands on deck as Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains), Lt. Commander Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee), and mentor Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) work to treat the fire’s survivors, and as Season 8 begins, Maggie’s concern focuses on Will. “He’s one of my best friends, he’s my brother,” Barrett says of their bond. “And all I can say is, [the building] burned really badly.”

Coming Up for Maggie

Dealing with this former flame will be dicey, despite Maggie being married. “When I found out that Vanessa’s father was coming, I was like, ‘Sweet chalupa, why?’” Barrett says. “But I always knew there was a possibility of a bond that was so rich.”

Next Episodes Title

8.02 – Caught Between The Wrecking Ball and The Butterfly

Release Date

Chicago Med will be back on the small screen with Season 8 on September 21 on NBC

Promotional pictures

ABC has now released the promotional pictures– What’s next for our favourite detectives and agents? We’ll soon find out!


NBC has released a first look promo that tease what’s going to happen on Chicago Med. Keep following us to know more – we’ll upload them as soon as it’s out!

What do you think about this first preview on “Chicago Med”? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!



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