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Christmas Movie. Entertaining Christmas. Desy's Review

I bet you’re thinking: another Christmas movie? Entertaining Christmas is not another Christmas movie because one of the protagonists is played by Brendan Fehr, unforgettable Michael Guerin of Roswell and one of the protagonists of my novel.

Liz is a writer of cookbooks, a crafting expert and a TV personality whose name is synonymous with perfection. While contemplating retirement, her daughter Candace (Jodie Sweetin) is ready to become the new face of the Livingston brand. The only problem is that he can not cook. Or sew. Or do any of the things he signs his mother for whom he is known. When a girl publishes an online video asking Liz to welcome her father home for Christmas, Candace is sent to her place in an effort to prove she is a worthy successor to the board and to win the job. While Candace does his best to make a good impression, he gets a lot more than he hoped for. Interpreted by Jodie Sweetin and Brendan Fehr.
Brendan plays the brother of the military and reporter of the town interested in a new scoop.
Enjoy this wonderful movie !!
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Desiree Bernardin
Desiree Bernardin
They say our favourite heroines’ strong characteristics live in each of us. Right for this reason I’d like to be beautiful like Brooke Davis, clever like Raven Reyes and confident like Stella Kidd. Instead, I’m flabby like Kate Pearson, dreamy like Belle Gold and determined like Brianna Fraser. I love passionate TV series, great cinema, and good books. To combine my greatest passions, I gave life to the world of Survived The Shows, which I’m currently running, as well as creating digital content and writing articles and reviews.


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