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Danielle Savre is the superhero of Station 19!

Danielle Savre is the actress who plays Maya Bishop on Station 19 and who has the same positivity and generosity in real life too.

Danielle Savre is one of the stars of “Station 19”. But the actress is a superstar to two of her closest friends.

danielle savre
Danielle Savre

I donated my eggs to Chris and Jake, and now their surrogate is pregnant and will have a baby this November. This family is about to get bigger! I think we hope this makes people less afraid of approaching this.

Danielle Savre

Chris and Jake are thrilled with the idea of becoming parents

danielle savre
Danielle Savre

“Chris and Jake say they are extremely excited about the news. And their only real concern was getting medical procedures into Danielle’s busy schedule! But all three believe that sharing their story can give hope to others who want to start a family.”

She was so open, so willing to let us share and be excited about our trip. And let people who want to start their own journey know that they can do it in many different ways. Everyone is amazed at what you can do now with science. It’s incredible. It’s beautiful. Not to sound trivial, it’s magical. It was so cool. Thanks to Danielle. – Chris and Jake about their experience.

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Desirée Bernardin

Source: ABC 7

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Desiree Bernardin
Desiree Bernardin
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