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HomemovieDownton Abbey: A New Era Opens To Focus Features Pandemic $16M Record

Downton Abbey: A New Era Opens To Focus Features Pandemic $16M Record

Focus Features’ Downton Abbey: A New Era is coming in at $16M, and while some might snipe that it’s lower than the first one’s robust $31M start, particularly against a production cost that’s double from the first at $40M, keep in mind this is a sequel to a period drama franchise, not Marvel.

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For Focus, it’s their best opening during the pandemic, ahead of Northman‘s $12.3M start. By the way, New Era‘s opening is right where tracking spotted it earlier this week.

It stands to reason that grosses would wane, even in a healthy marketplace for this older adult IP, given how established it is. Rivals would say the first movie was capturing lightening in a bottle, arriving three years after the six season series ended. The sequel isn’t really selling a cliffhanger here which would create a stampede, i.e. the downstairs staff got poisoned and there’s no one around to cook the holiday goose. Nonetheless, greenlighting a sequel was in full order given how the 2019 movie ranked as the best domestic start ever for a Focus Features title.

On the bright side, older audiences did come back this weekend for New Era; even if it wasn’t at the admissions level of the first film, the share of over 45s and 55s should come as a sign of optimism. Uni is reporting 48% were over 55. Similar to the first, it’s leaning 73% women. If New Era marked some people’s first time back to the cinema during Covid times, they’ll see everything is normal, and hopefully this will be a catalyst for more older women to attend; they having been reluctant during the pandemic.

“The only way to get adults back into cinemas is to offer them quality entertainment. This movie opens doors for other people to see other movies. You have to keep putting movies out aimed at adults,”

Focus Features Distribution Boss Lisa Bunnell

New Era will be on a 17-day exclusive theatrical window per Universal’s plan with movie theaters.

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Source: Deadline

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