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HomenewsDrama Queens: Hilarie & Sophia had a crush on Bryan Greenberg

Drama Queens: Hilarie & Sophia had a crush on Bryan Greenberg

In an episode of the Drama Queens podcast, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush revealed that while filming One Tree Hill they had a crush on Bryan Greenberg, who played young father and basketball player Jake Jagielski, because he was really cute.

one tree hill hilarie bryan sophia
Hilarie Burton, BryanGreenberg and Sophia Bush. – Drama Queens: Hilarie & Sophia had a crush on Bryan Greenberg

The girls told that Bryan has always been a real gentlemen. He’s never stopped being one because he proved to be as such even later.

He was an angel and, by the way, he remained an angel. He’s still the nicest guy on the planet. I love how much he loves his wife. He is the boy he was then. There was nothing false in him.

Hilarie Burton in the latest episode of the podcast Drama Queens.

Hilarie and Sophia also added that during filming for season 2 they thought Peyton Sawyer and Jake Jagielski would be endgame and the two would stay with little Jenny.

Peyton finds herself alone and realizes that she is still in love with her best friend Brooke’s boyfriend, Lucas.

Like Sophia and Hilarie, you were in love with the good guy Bryan Greenberg, and you thought Jake and Peyton were endgame?

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