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Ellen Pompeo: 10 curiosities you don’t know about her!

Here are 10 curiosities about Ellen Pompeo you probably don’t know!

Ready for 10 curiosities about Ellen Pompeo?

We all know her as the famous Dr. Meredith Gray from Grey’s Anatomy, the successful medical drama that has been airing on ABC for the past 18 seasons.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo

1. Her origins

Of Campania origins, Ellen was born on November 10, 1969. From a very young age she started working in New York as a babysitter, she then moved to Miami for a period of time to return again to the first city and work in a bar. her her career began in 1996, when she made a television commercial for the same bar where she worked. You thus capture the attention of an entertainment agent. In that same year she was also the protagonist of an advertisement for L ’Oreal, only to be cast for some TV series, such as Strangers with Candy.

2. Her I workouts and meditation

In the interview with Into the Gloss, Pompeo revealed some details about her workout routine. she is very early and does her workouts before her day begins. She said she wakes up at 5.30 am and goes on the treadmill. She then she takes her her alkaline water and her coffee. Having a busy life, she uses meditation to relieve stress. For about 20 minutes a day and twice a day and very often also in his trailer at work between one scene and another.

3. His manufacturing company

If Ellen decides to hang up her acting hat and focus on the backstage, she’ll be at an advantage since she already has her own production company: Calamity Jane. Launched in 2011, Calamity Jane has actually already sold a product to ABC and has been busy developing some dramas over time. Ellen has accumulated a lot of experience in front of the camera and being in the cinema for a long time, she has given her the opportunity to learn a lot.

4. Ellen is the highest paid actress on TV

In January 2018, she renewed her contract for Gray’s Anatomy by agreeing to be a part of it for another two seasons; she became the highest paid actress in a television series, earning more than $ 20 million a year. In fact, with the new agreement, she received a pay of 575 thousand dollars per episode.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal pov with her

Ellen Pompeo and Jake Gyllenhaal

When she was 33, the actress also landed her role in the film Moonlight Mile alongside colleague Jake Gyllenhaal, who was then only 21 years old. Despite their age difference, Jake didn’t miss the opportunity to try it with her. So she says: “So when I entered the room and saw him I said” Oh my God, it’s you! “. We had collided while walking and he told me I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Something definitely clicked between us, but we ran away immediately. ”

6. Your private wedding

When Ellen Pomepo married music producer Chris Ivery, many people probably thought there was going to be a huge wedding. Pompeo, on the other hand, was much more reserved and she didn’t want much movement on her wedding day. She and Ivery went to a New York courthouse, whose only legal witness for the ceremony was the mayor of the city, Michael Bloomberg.

7. How Ellen met her husband

Ellen Pompeo’s first meeting with Chris Ivery was very nice. The two met by chance in 2003 while shopping at Whole Foods in Los Angeles, but once the actor learned a little more about him and his Boston roots, he almost said sayonara. “I knew her past her and I knew the circle she ran in and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it,” said The Telegraph in 2007 (via TV Fanatic). “You think you want to get away from your past and be a completely different person.” Pompeo also revealed that Ivery had gone to jail “a couple of times” – a “very common” scenario within the Beantown community that he had tried so hard to leave behind.

8. Ellen suffers from asthma

Thinking that Hollywood girls are always flawless and that they don’t suffer from any kind of disease is easy, but it’s not true. They too are human and, just like all of us, suffer from the same problems. In Ellen Pompeo’s case, her thorn in her side is asthma.

9. Her nickname as a child was “The Pencil”

Ellen Pompeo has always been very skinny since she was a child. On several sites she revealed that as a child she was nicknamed “The Pencil” (the pencil) due to her somewhat girlish figure.

10. Ellen has 5 siblings

The actress was born and raised in a large loving family, including, in addition to her parents, five other siblings where she is the youngest.

These were the 10 curiosities about Ellen Pompeo!

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