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Ellen Pompeo: Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Will Feature Many Easter Eggs!

In a recent interview at Jimmy Kimmell Live to celebrate the much anticipated premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Ellen Pompeo revealed some sneak peeks on what’s ahead for our favourite surgeons in the upcoming season, which was one of the first ones to start filming again after lockdown, and the presence of many Easter Eggs!

Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo: "Le scene di sesso con Patrick Dempsey non  piacevano a mio marito” -

Pompeo explains how Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will feature many Easter Eggs. These are references made specifically for fans who remember people, things or facts of the past seasons of the beloved medical drama. This is something that Ellen has requested to the production team for this season, although she can’t (or doesn’t she want?) tell us what they are.

The actress just gave the idea and then the writers chose which ones, so it’s a surprise for her too.

The only one she chose is the blouse that Meredith wears when she goes to David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher) which is the same blouse she wore in the series premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. There is no particular reason for choosing it. Rather she chose it because he saw it in the closet, and asked if they could put it.

Easter eggs are meant to be a tribute to fans. It was a great joy when on Twitter she saw fans who immediately recognized and appreciated them!

Will Ellen Pompeo ‘s will to include all these Easter Eggs in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 a sign of the show coming to an end?

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