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Emily in Paris: Lucien Laviscount to star in new series

Emily In Paris star Lucien Laviscount will be back on our screens sooner than expected as he lands new role as Jay in a new BBC series.

BBC new series is called Peacock and centers around Andy, a personal trainer in the midst of an identity crisis. 

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What we know so far – Synopsis

We still don’t know much about BBC’s new series Peacock, but we do have a first official synopsis!

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“His world is one of selfies, bravado and gym memberships, where vanity and success are often horribly entangled.
When Andy loses out on a job promotion to a younger, better-looking PT, he suddenly realises he’s a man out of time. He needs to prove that there’s more to him than his good looks and his well curated dating profile. He sets out to prove that he can be taken seriously. But can he?”


The series is set to star People Just Do Nothing star Allan ‘Seapa’ Mustafa as Andy, while Lucien will play Jay. After Life star Mandeep Dhillon will also be appearing as Georgia.
The three-part series is currently filming in Liverpool.

Chatting about the show, co-writer Steve Stamp said: “Clearly I am not someone qualified to write about going to the gym so it’s actually mostly about a bunch of flawed messes struggling to function in the modern world.

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Source: HelloMagazine

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